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What to expect from Say Uncle

Good morning!

It’s coming. We didn’t listen. 😉

So, tomorrow’s the big day. Uncle Grandpa shows up to help Steven work on summoning his shield from his gem, indirectly saving the Crystal Gems’ lives and ensuring that humanity still has a chance for survival. All in a day’s work for a reality warper, right?

This …

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Preview for Say Uncle

Well, Uncle Grandpa definitely doesn’t lose his reality warping powers just because he’s in Steven Universe, that’s for sure. Check out the preview:


What to expect from Joy Ride

Well, from the preview and commercials we know we’re getting more of the cool kids (which we kind of expected out of the episode just based off of the name).

We’re happy to see from the preview that the cleanup effort after Peridot’s ship crashed will be ongoing for at least a little while. Really …

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Preview for Joy Ride

It feels good to have the previews going again. This one comes to us from a little-used YouTube account, carl3541, and shows us Steven and his appreciation for all basic shapes.


What to expect from Open Book

It’s an episode where two characters are in a room that will do anything they ask. Steven knows not to ask for too much, so we’re not going to see Rose’s room over-taxed again. What could possibly go wrong, then?

Well surely you’ve seen some variant of the killer VR plotline (the holodeck from Star …

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Preview for Open Book

Ah, we like having previews to post again. CoinOpTV brings us this preview for Open Book, one of the episodes moved from season one into season two.


Get ready fanbase, this is going to be intense

A very bulky orange homeworld Gem with a large helmet and flowing white hair.

This one’s another big spoiler for two-part season finale airing tonight with The Return and Jail Break, so if you’re not into spoilers then you should turn back now. Still, Cartoon Network was kind enough to post some serious hype fuel to Instagram for us, so how could we not mention it?

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Previews for #StevenBomb

Episode previews are back with a vengeance! CNPreview brings us a preview for each season-one episode that will be airing every day during #StevenBomb next week (at 5 PM EDT, not 6:30!).

Full Disclosure is still a mysterious mystery (of strange mystery). It’s a bit ironic, considering the name, but why worry about that when …

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Jail Break is going to be huge

A blue Gem approximately Steven's height with shoulder pads, long hair, and a floor-length dress.

That’s not a spoiler, right? It’s the season finale of Steven Universe: it has to be huge! But some information has been circling around which is incredibly spoilerific! We mean it: if you don’t want to be spoiled on the season finale, you shouldn’t read this post. The good stuff is hidden below, and you’re …

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What to expect from Marble Madness

Well there’s nothing like a crazy schedule change to make us want to reconsider the hype, but even though the droid in Marble Madness is a giant flask robonoid rather than another Red Eye we’re still calling this as one that will be super-interesting for us lore nerds.

Seriously, it came from space. Space is where …

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