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Preview for Back to the Barn

Oh, this is going to be so cool! We went up into space, now it’s time to prepare for our trip underground. (By the way, does anyone still doubt the Pearl servant theory?)


What to expect from When it Rains

It would be perfect for When it Rains to be a character episode. Peridot has only just moved in with Steven, so naturally the next episode should focus on her as a character. The Crystal Gems are out of the picture for most of this episode, if the commercial and preview are to be believed, …

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Preview for When it Rains

This one looks… Well if you’ve been watching Cartoon Network you’ve seen the commercials that give off an Invader Zim vibe (specifically The Wettening), but now it… Well let’s not force this episode to bear the weight of lore expectations; a character episode is what we need right now.

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What to expect from Catch and Release

How hyped do you want to get? Could this be a Centipeetle episode as so many hope? The return of the Slinker? Peridot? Lapis? Ms. Zuke has said repeatedly on Twitter that this is one of her favorites.

The one thing that is hard to expect is a humdrum episode. The fandom is definitely hyped …

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What to expect from Sadie’s Song

The easy thing to expect, given its preview, is that Sadie’s Song will be about Steven helping boost Sadie’s confidence to perform at Beachapalooza. She certainly displayed some element of stage fright when she realized Steven was watching her sing, at least.

Even if that route is taken, though, where they go with it from there …

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Preview for Sadie’s Song

Next up is Sadie’s Song. Who’s ready to hear Sadie finally do some singing? Make sure to catch the new episode on Thursday at 5:30 PM EDT.


Second preview for Nightmare Hospital

Newsarama has the goods for everyone: a second clip of Nightmare Hospital has been posted: a minute and thirty-five seconds of the episode, in fact. It looks promising. Ms. Molisee and Mr. Villeco boarded this episode, and it certainly looks like they’re bringing the spooky factor into this one!


What to expect from Nightmare Hospital

Well, it’s been just about as long since we got to make one of these. It’s time to get back to making some reasonable assumptions based on what we know.

We’ve already seen Connie’s mother with Rose’s sword, and apparently she sees Steven and Connie escape through a portal on Lion’s back as well. This means …

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Preview for Nightmare Hospital

It’s getting close. Next week! To whet your appetite, here’s a preview of Nightmare Hospital. Make sure you don’t miss it: 5:30 PM EDT, Thursday.


Previews for the rest of #StevenBomb3

Cartoon Network has released a preview for the rest of #StevenBomb3. Check them out!