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Preview for Warp Tour

Coin Op TV has this week’s episode preview, a little late but definitely better than never.

It’s just… Wow. All of our dreams might come true after all.


What to expect from Lion 3: Straight to Video

This one has the potential to be quite strong in characterization, if not lore. Up until now in the series, we’ve only known Rose from images and others’ memories of her (though we’ve also heard her voice, it was merely the tiny floating whale using it for five words).

That all might change after this episode. …

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What to expect from Watermelon Steven

Steven growing an entire patch of watermelons that look like little people? Rose revealed to use sentient plants as guardians? Steven gets a bright idea not long after learning about this? What would possibly go wrong here?

So nobody gets any points for guessing that the watermelons are going to come to life. The big …

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Preview for Watermelon Steven

CoinOpTV has posted a clip from next week’s episode, Watermelon Steven. We heard a lore fact weaved into this one, so here’s to hoping for more from the full episode.


What to expect from Garnet’s Universe

Did you see the preview for Garnet’s Universe? Looks like we’ll be getting to see more motherly Garnet, as opposed to the usual aloof Garnet. Along with a very outrageous tale by Steven, complete with a more exaggeratedly cartoony style, with regard to both visuals and its story.

Steven will probably make up an epic journey for Garnet (he …

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Preview for Garnet’s Universe

We still wish Garnet was our mother. The preview for Garnet’s Universe is up, and we get to listen to Steven the Storyteller:


What to expect from Fusion Cuisine

A while ago we were promised mothers in Beach City. Expect Fusion Cuisine to follow through on that promise and show us what Connie’s mother looks like.

This episode should be about all three of the Crystal Gems fusing together to pretend to be Steven’s mother. Presumably Garnet’s rather interesting method of conversation is one of the …

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Preview for Fusion Cuisine

We wish Garnet was our mother. CoinOpTV has the preview for Fusion Cuisine up. Check it out:


What to expect from Keep Beach City Weird!

This is going to be an interesting one (as you’d know if you had watched the preview). It looks like most of this episode is going to be in a flashback or story narration, like An Indirect Kiss.

So we should finally get to see more Ronaldo. That’s great! Since he’s the crackpot of the series, …

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Preview for Keep Beach City Weird!

This one comes in via CNPreview. Fair warning: this one seems to spoil more than is normal for these previews. Though it does look like it’s from the beginning of the episode, it’s still written like a climax and makes it look like most of the episode will be flashback.