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What to expect from Maximum Capacity

Well if nothing else, you can expect that this will probably be the episode where we see the Crystal Gems wearing sweaters. (Isn’t it neat that the seasons are persistent in Steven Universe? Isn’t it weird that this is a cool, unique thing that you very rarely see in cartoons?)

So who wants to guess …

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What to expect from Winter Forecast

Winter Forecast looks to be another character episode, this time featuring Connie and Greg as the two side characters we’ll be spending eleven minutes with (along with Steven, of course). It’s another good mix, as we never really got to see the two interacting together in Ocean Gem (they had different travel arrangements).

As the name …

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What to expect from Beach City Horror Club

This episode really can go anywhere. Everything seems fairly quiet about it so far, but that’s good: after On the Run it would probably be a good idea for us to settle down, take a breather, and get to know some of our side characters a bit more. We’re always happy to see more Ronaldo.

The …

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What to expect from On the Run

This one has a lot of promise. If you’ve seen the preview aired at MAGFest then you know the song is really good (as expected), and Steven and Amethyst head out for parts unknown. It would be best if the episode showed a bit of human society outside of Beach City, but all we know is …

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What to expect from Future Vision

This one’s a tough one to make predictions for… Unlike Garnet, we can’t see the future.

Still, we can make an educated guess about Garnet’s future vision: it can’t be all that good. Using just Warp Tour as an example, it wasn’t enough to see Steven’s death in the warp more than a minute before …

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What to expect from The Test

We’ve been looking forward to this. The preview has already made it clear that the test at the Lunar Sea Spire was just opportunistic, so the site’s namesake is still legitimate (though still unfortunately collapsed and underwater).

This episode could go a lot of ways. Really it’s a fantastic chance to highlight how Steven has …

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Preview for The Test

The good episodes just keep coming. The Test will air on January 22 at 6:30 PM EST, and as you can see from the preview we have a special interest in this one.


What to expect from Alone Together

It looks like we aren’t getting a chance to breathe. Warp Tour was a really big deal, and Joe is promising us goodies in Alone Together too.

So with Steven learning how to fuse, and an episode title mentioning being alone together, the easy guess is that Steven successfully fuses and we get some indication of what …

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Preview for Alone Together

CN Preview brings us the preview for Alone Together.

“Who knows what’s gonna happen?” It sounds almost… Prophetic.


What to expect from Warp Tour

The big promise of Warp Tour is that we might just finally learn more about the Warp that the Crystal Gems are always zipping around the planet through. Did you see the preview? That shot right there will be worth it. There’s also a lot of promise for lore which might back up a universe-scale Gem war if …

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