What to expect from Joy Ride

A picture of Peridot in the episode "Warp Tour".

We just really want her to join the main cast.

Well, from the preview and commercials we know we’re getting more of the cool kids (which we kind of expected out of the episode just based off of the name).

We’re happy to see from the preview that the cleanup effort after Peridot’s ship crashed will be ongoing for at least a little while. Really we’ve come to expect such attention to detail from the Crewniverse, but it’s always nice to call out when someone does good.

As for more interesting plot points… Well, all we have is one screenshot to go on indicating that Steven and the cool kids find something out there (apparently in a crater). Could it be Peridot? In the original episode order this would have been the first episode after Full Disclosure, and we wouldn’t complain if they wanted to get the Peridot plotline rolling quickly.

Here’s to hoping!