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Preview for Cry For Help

This was shown at the San Diego Comic Con, but in case you were waiting for Cartoon Network to release the high-quality video here’s the clip.

Fair warning, however: while episode previews don’t normally spoil much, this one spoils a lot. It’s worth it though. Even the thumbnail is a spoiler if you look at …

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Preview for Sworn to the Sword

Cartoon Network has finally posted a preview for Sworn to the Sword with audio. Oh boy, we really like where this episode is going! Combined with the shots of it in the commercial (spoiler alert: quad-Holo-Pearl!), it looks like #StevenBomb2.0 is getting started off right.


This is going to be so cool!

What could we see during #StevenBomb 2.0?

Ah, the calm before the storm: we know the faintest hints of what is coming (see the episode summaries here), but we all know from experience that Steven Universe episode summaries are only vaguely reliable for letting you know what to expect.

Sworn to the Sword will start the week off with a fairly normal-sounding …

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What to expect from Reformed

Well, just to get things out of the way: if anything bad happens to Pearl in this episode, we can be certain that it will be brief, perhaps even taken care of by the end of the episode. The commercials have only shown Amethyst, however, and… Well, there’s a chance that the title might be …

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What to expect from Love Letters

Another calm episode that looks like it’s more about the characters than the show’s overarching plot, that’s what you can expect. The commercials have actually revealed a lot about the episode, or so it would seem. All the summary says is that Steven and Connie help Jamie, and while the commercials seem to show what …

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Preview for Love Letters

Steven and Connie being insufferably cute, and the triumphant return of Jamie (and season two!). What’s not to love? Definitely make sure you tune in on April 23rd.


What to expect from Shirt Club

This is another episode where anything can happen. We know it will have Steven hanging out with Buck Dewey, but really: you just can’t predict the twist on an episode that’s had such a mundane-sounding summary released. There will definitely be a twist, but it’s just too tough to guess what it will be.

Since this …

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Preview for Shirt Club

Oh yeah, give us five! It’s Shirt Club time. Who’s ready to spend some time with Buck Dewey? Garnet’s long-lost son (who, despite being lost for a really long time, was living in the same town the entire time). Is it t-shirt time where you are?


What to expect from Story for Steven

Feels. You should expect feels from Story for Steven. There’s no way such an exuberant song can be paired up with such an empty concert and there not be feels. Still, we know that Greg finally got the life in the stars he said he was living, so at least it ends on a bright note.

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Preview for Story for Steven

Is everyone ready to rock out with Mr. Universe? This has definite promise: good music, great visuals. And sad, because… Well, you’ll see. Story for Steven is the second of our three unaired season-one episodes, so don’t miss it on April 9 at 5:30 PM EDT.