Get ready fanbase, this is going to be intense

This one’s another big spoiler for two-part season finale airing tonight with The Return and Jail Break, so if you’re not into spoilers then you should turn back now. Still, Cartoon Network was kind enough to post some serious hype fuel to Instagram for us, so how could we not mention it?

A very bulky orange homeworld Gem with a large helmet and flowing white hair.

Jasper, a homeworld Gem and a veteran of the Crystal Gem rebellion, facing down Garnet in the season-one finale.

We finally get to hear Estelle show her vocal skills with Garnet. Judging from the clip Cartoon Network posted, they saved her song for the time when it would have the most impact.

We also get to see one of the enemies the Crystal Gems will have to face. Is this Jasper or Malachite, or just an unnamed Gem warrior? It looks like we’ll have to wait to find out.

(Sure enough, it turned out to be Jasper.)