Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 179: The Good Lars

GC13 and David discuss the ube debut: The Good Lars.

This was Lars’s last chance to be a good Lars, before he became Captain Lars (or, if you prefer, Lars the Baker—kicker of butts and taker of names). He opened up about his feelings, and Steven and Sadie tried their best to make him happy, but he didn’t make it to the potluck.

Still, you have to hope that he continues baking when he makes it back to Beach City.

Unlocked episodes for February 19-25, 2018

Cartoon Network seems to have shifted the day they change the unlocked episodes again. Still, here’s what’s unlocked this week on the app and on their website:

  • Onion Gang
  • The Zoo
  • The New Crystal Gems
  • Beta
  • Friend Ship

No air times scheduled for February 19-25, 2018

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 178: Doug Out

GC13 and David discuss the episode Doug Out, where the bomb portion of its Steven Bomb actually began.

It was our first in-depth look at Mr. Maheswaran, and he turned out to have the same lovably goofy side he had briefly showed in other episodes—he didn’t even need the clown nose.

Despite flashlights apparently not working correctly in Funland, and some confusion with the fence, everyone loves Doug.

No air times scheduled for February 12-18, 2018

Unlocked episodes for February 10-16, 2018

A new week brings new episodes viewable without a login on the CN app and website:

  • Story For Steven
  • Historical Friction
  • Gem Glow
  • Bubble Buddies
  • Island Adventure

They seem to be continuing with these again even after the week is up, so we’ll see when they change them out again.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 177: Lion 4: Alternate Ending

GC13 and David go back to the retrospective episode discussions to talk about the beginning of another bomb: Lion 4: Alternate Ending.

Anagrams are fun, and Steven may not have been on the right path; did Rose eat Steven’s fry bits?

Plus, like some sort of Sphinx, Lion is mysterious—terribly mysterious. We’re still unsure of exactly where he came from, or why he didn’t warp directly to Rose’s garbage dump with the ominous pink space ship.

Plus, what exactly is inside the treasure chest in his mane?

No air times scheduled for February 5-11, 2018

Unlocked episodes for February 3-9, 2018

These are the episodes available for viewing this week on the website and app without logging in:

  • Lars of the Stars
  • Jungle Moon
  • Greg the Babysitter
  • Sworn to the Sword
  • We Need to Talk

Season one DVD is out today

The Region 1 DVD for season one of Steven Universe is out today! It has an MSRP of $20 and has most of season one (though Story For Steven and Shirt Club are left out in favor of Full Disclosure and Joy Ride).

In addition to the fifty-two episodes of ( mostly) season one, there are some special features, heavily focused on music but also including animatics for five episodes.

Unfortunately while the listing on Amazon indicates there are commentaries on the disc, there are none.