What to expect from Say Uncle

Good morning!

It’s coming. We didn’t listen. 😉

So, tomorrow’s the big day. Uncle Grandpa shows up to help Steven work on summoning his shield from his gem, indirectly saving the Crystal Gems’ lives and ensuring that humanity still has a chance for survival. All in a day’s work for a reality warper, right?

This one was written and storyboarded by the Steven Universe team (Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston if you’re curious), but the introduction of Uncle Grandpa to the mix makes things… Difficult to predict, to say the least.

Don’t forget that it’s on at 5:30 PM EDT (but showing up early is better than showing up late).


    • Runi on April 1, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    Ugh, I was avoiding this episode. -_- But like you said, if it wasn’t for UG, the Crystal Gems would’ve been annihilated but the Gem Warship, so I’ll give him a shot. Not liking Sneak Peek #2 though… Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, and it’ll be okay. Just gotta believe in Steven.

  1. Was is this about UG saving the Crystal Gems and all that? Was this in a preview I somehow missed, or is this common knowledge?

      • gc13 on April 2, 2015 at 9:47 am

      The crossover takes place before The Return, and it looks like Uncle Grandpa is there specifically to help Steven summon his mother’s shield. You know, the one he protected the Crystal Gems from Peridot’s ship’s cannon with. I’m certain that in such a situation he could have summoned the shield anyway, but could he have made it as large as he needed it to be without the training? Were you the Crystal Gems, would you have wanted to take that chance?

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