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What were the “first battles for Earth”?

Here we’ve saved the best piece of speculation for last. In Sworn to the Sword, Pearl mentions that the first battles for Earth took place in the sky arena. Rose’s Scabbard makes it rather unlikely that Pearl could be referring to the rebellion, but there’s another possibility: it wasn’t the rebellion that started in the arena, but a contest …

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Could Rose Quartz be Pink Diamond?

There seems to be more to Rose Quartz, beloved leader of the Crystal Gems, than meets the eye. The series has dropped some pretty heavy hints that she used to be a very important Gem: Pink Diamond. We can’t be sure at this point whether Pink Diamond is her gem type and Rose Quartz is …

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What could Chille Tid mean?

We started with the easy lore post yesterday, talking about Rising Tides, Crashing Skies, so let’s talk about the easy speculation: Chille Tid. The show was kind enough to hand us another chunk of information that makes the Gems seem like computers. As we said after The Test, it becomes less outlandish a thought the more times we …

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What could #StevenBomb2.0 mean?

Where there is lore there is speculation. We’ve made the outline for our upcoming #StevenBomb2.0 lore posts, now it’s time to do the same for our speculation. These will get full write-ups over the next couple of weeks, before #StevenBomb3 hits.

Pink Diamond
We’ve been speculating that Rose Quartz used to be Pink Diamond …

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Assigned Viewing: So Many Birthdays

This one was a very interesting episode to watch for the first time, back when you couldn’t be sure whether Steven was really changing or if he was dreaming. Of course, even on repeated viewings all you really need is to be pointed in the direction of the Baby War and it’s on.

So Many Birthdays was …

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Assigned Viewing: Giant Woman

It’s time for another Big Deal episode to discuss. This time we’re here talking about Giant Woman, probably a big contender for Top 5 lists for Steven Universe, and definitely one of the defining episodes of the series.

Gem fusion was a big thing. Who here remembers when they saw Opal for the first time? It’s probably …

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Assigned Viewing: Serious Steven

Alright, with the hiatus it’s time to look back on the series and have a bit of discussion about some of the most important episodes. We thought it would only be natural to start with Serious Steven, which was not only Steven’s first outing on a real mission but was also called back to in The Test, …

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What could Reformed mean?

And so, with a hiatus upon us, this is the last speculation post we’ll be writing about a new episode for a while. Yesterday’s lore post showed that we hit a good haul there, so of course there’s stuff left over to speculate over—it’s the Steven Universe way.

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What could Love Letters mean?

With all episodes from Love Letters onward being produced in season two and meant to air as part of it, it looks like it’s a great time to take stock of what the rest of the season has to offer. Of the fifty-one episodes the that are meant as part of it, we’ve only seen three. One seventeeth …

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The rebellion: as of the start of season two

Ah, it’s finally here: the last bit of speculation fueled by #StevenBomb. This is probably the hardest piece to write, which is saying something considering that we also wrote two pieces of speculation about the homeworld despite getting no closer to the homeworld than a ship that never made it far out of Earth’s orbit.

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