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What could Island Adventure mean?

We raised a question yesterday, brought up by Island Adventure. Unfortunately we have no answers for you: only speculation. It’s our lot in life, and it’s a good thing we enjoy it.

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What could Secret Team mean?

As befitting a character-centric episode, Secret Team gave us some stuff to chew on regarding the history the Crystal Gems have together. It makes us wonder: Just what is the deal with Amethest and Pearl? And where did Garnet come from?

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Space Race and the future of Steven Universe

Space Race told us a lot with very small signs, and when we went over the lore implications of the episode we did our best not to speculate too much—just the things that were almost assured. However, anyone who was paying attention could see that we were introduced to a very important concept that’s almost certain …

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What could House Guest mean?

So House Guest was kind of a short-and-simple episode as far as anything concrete went, but it was still able to raise a few questions.

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The wider Gem world after Ocean Gem

Now we come to our final bit of speculation after the airing of Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem (first we talked about what we learned about Gem technology, then what we learned about the Crystal Gems themselves). Finally we come to the big question: what might Gemkind be like?

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The Crystal Gems after Ocean Gem

As an important milestone episode, Ocean Gem gave us some information to chew on. We’ve already discussed the implications of the magic mirror, and tomorrow we’ll talk about what Gem society might be like, but today we’ll be talking about the Crystal Gems and what their history might be.

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What the magic mirror could mean

Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem gave us a lot of new information to work with, but as is usually the case we now have even more questions than we did before—very interesting questions that it will be great to have answered as the series goes on.

This post pertains to the magic mirror that gives Mirror …

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What could An Indirect Kiss mean?

As we saw in yesterday’s post, An Indirect Kiss was rather heavy with potential implications for the lore of Steven Universe. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s more of an episode that sets us up to recognize answers hinted at later in the series rather than one that gives us any.

What are the gems?

Amethyst …

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