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What could Too Far mean?

Do you ever wonder if all of the stuff we’re learning about the Gem homeworld is building up to anything? There’s a lot of season two remaining, after all, but we’ve already learned so much about the homeworld.

It’s just a thought—something to consider. Let’s wonder a bit about some stuff from Too Far, shall we?

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What could Back to the Barn mean?

Lore, speculation, the endless cycle. Back to the Barn was a big episode for telling us what homeworld society is like, but there are always unanswered questions. Let’s see what we can wonder about today.

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What could When it Rains mean?

With what we’ve learned about the Cluster, it’s kind of all we want to talk about. (Well, the only lore-related thing, anyway. We still love Peridot.) It’s been a lot of information hitting us in these past couple of episodes, so we have some wondering to do.

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What could Catch and Release mean?

Oh, very exciting times. Very exciting times. Catch and Release was a big episode. What could be waiting for us later in the series, after this?

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What could Ronaldo’s lecture mean?

Sadie’s Song is probably the episode with the distinction of having the least lore so far. Certainly no new facts we could really chew on. Ronaldo’s “act” for Beachapalooza, a lecture about “rock people”, how to identify them and defend yourself against them.

It’s not much, but we can wonder how much Ronaldo really knows.

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What could Nightmare Hospital mean?

Talk about a way to start the series back up right. Nightmare Hospital has given us plenty to talk about, and now it’s time to let our minds wander a bit. What might happen in the future based on what we saw happen in that dark, spooky hospital?

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What are Rubies and Sapphires like on the homeworld?

When Keystone Motel aired we got our first good look at Ruby and Sapphire. Their appearance in Jailbreak was very brief and they were both very focused on finding each other, so it didn’t help us much.

We’re not saying that they were acting normal in Keystone Motel either. They were both under a lot of stress, meaning …

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Why does Earth have an expiration date?

Peridot, while in full-on Saturday morning cartoon villain mode at the beginning of Friend Ship, said that the Earth had an expiration date and she didn’t want to be around to find out when. Think for yourself what the odds of that being an innocuous reference to the Sun’s destiny to turn into a red giant and …

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What does Historical Friction say about how different Steven’s world is?

We learned some interesting facts from Historical Friction. First of all, Beach City was settled almost two hundred years in the past (by someone six generations back from Mayor Dewey, so the time scale checks out). That would just be an interesting piece of trivia if it wasn’t also apparently the first human settlement in the Americas …

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What could #StevenBomb3 mean?

#StevenBomb3 has put us into a decidedly speculative mood. While we did get some hard information, most of the information is a lot more fun to speculate about. With that in mind, here’s the list of what we’ll be speculating about after this #StevenBomb:

What are Rubies and Sapphires like on the Homeworld?
The role of Pearls (and Peridots) is …

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