Assigned Viewing: So Many Birthdays

CryingGemFriendsThis one was a very interesting episode to watch for the first time, back when you couldn’t be sure whether Steven was really changing or if he was dreaming. Of course, even on repeated viewings all you really need is to be pointed in the direction of the Baby War and it’s on.

So Many Birthdays was pretty good for lore, packing some solid firsts for the show:

  • It made it clear that the Gems are quite old
  • We learned their bodies are illusions
  • Steven manifested a new(ish) power

Of course the arrival of Pearl the Sad Crying Clown was great as well.

Steven’s ability to shift his age is still kind of an unknown element, however. Like so many things it was introduced once and never used again, so unlike Gem fusion we can’t really say we know much about it.

He likely learned to control it at least enough to not have it happen accidentally, since he had to work with the Crystal Gems to get his legs back to normal (plus we’ve never seen his age shift, so he must have it under control), but that’s about all we know. Why does his shapeshifting power respond to his mental state as such a powerful age changer? Did Amethyst go through similar problems learning to control her Gem powers, or is shapeshifting like summoning her weapon (i.e. something she’s never had to work at)?

whocoulditbeAnd then, of course, there’s our favorite outlandish theory: that the person at the back of the boat in the old-timey painting is an older Steven who traveled back in time at a later point in the series. With hair like that? Come on. We can’t be the only ones who see that.

It’s possible, right?


  1. This was the episode that got me completely hooked on the show. Beforehand I was like, “Ok, yeah, it’s fine,” but seeing the episode turn so dark that quickly, in a good way, made me go, “Ok, you have my attention.” The first time I saw it, I didn’t know when it would end, and I didn’t WANT it to end. It’s still probably my favorite episode of the show so far.

    But now every time I see that Pearl pic, I can’t help but think, “Visually, that looks like something out of Ed Edd n Eddy.” And, as it turns out, one of the writers was actually a storyboard artist for that show in its final episodes. I think it’s been discussed before, but it’s something I found neat.

    • Sonicsparks112 on June 3, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    ok you will probably not go for this but you should do a fan video spotlight article it would be fun to see more fan made steven universe videos

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