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What could Story for Steven mean?

Like the best episodes, Story for Steven showed us some stuff, and while this filled in some gaps in our knowledge it revealed more gaps that we didn’t even know were there. It’s the kind of backstory reveal that we love, because it let’s us start wondering.

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What could Joy Ride mean?

Normally our weekly speculation posts regard the world as a real thing and attempting to make predictions about it based on what we’ve learned—much like lore implications except more… Speculative.

This week we’re doing something different: we’re zooming out and analyzing the show as if it’s a written creation (strange, we know).

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The current state of the homeworld

We’ve seen enough of the Gem homeworld to be able to make some assumptions about it. As we get more information our guesses should become more accurate, but these aren’t wild stabs in the dark: it all meshes with what we’ve seen previously to paint a consistent picture of the modern homeworld.

In short, the …

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The rulers of the homeworld

Almost all of our exposure to Gemkind takes the form of three (or four, depending on how you count) rebels who have been away from their brethren for thousands of years. We’ve been given enough hints to make some guesses about who rules in Gem society; it’s probably been stable (the titles in place, if not …

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After #StevenBomb: predictions for season two

It’s not too late to write this, since technically Open Book was produced with the rest of season one. With Joy Ride, the first episode of season two not to premier during #StevenBomb, however, it’s time to make some predictions about what will happen over the course of the season.

There are fifty-one episodes to go, plus …

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What could #StevenBomb mean?

#StevenBomb wrapped a lot of stuff up with some fairly lore-heavy episodes, but it still left us with some unanswered questions about more of the backstory. Even more interesting, however, are the questions about where the show will take us from here.

Since we have a couple big questions, we’ll get our thoughts out about …

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A relative size chart of the Crystal Gems

Well this was fun to make. The characters don’t seem to be completely consistent in how they’re drawn, but they’re consistent enough to get a pretty good idea for their relative heights.

Trying to go from relative height to absolute height is more difficult: Steven seems to be about as tall as a doorknob …

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What could Marble Madness mean?

We’ve gone over what questions Marble Madness answered for us, so now it’s time to see what new questions it’s left for us to ask.

Here’s to hoping that Full Disclosure lives up to its name: we’re so excited that we’re climbing the canyon walls!

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What could Maximum Capacity mean?

A character episode. That’s what Maximum Capacity is. And we still find things to speculate about. Someone help us: we think we have a problem.

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What could Winter Forecast mean?

Winter Forecast brought up some questions. They still don’t have answers, but they’ve been around since before this site was launched so now is as good a time as any to take a stab at them, especially given the extra information we’ve been given.

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