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What to expect from Island Adventure

We (most of us, anyway) will get to see Island Adventure on Thursday. This is going to be another Sadie and Lars episode, and will feature another song from Steven (though unfortunately it lacks the phrase “on a tropical island” despite being ripe for the reference to Ms. Sugar’s work on Adventure Time).

The bulk of …

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Preview for Island Adventure

We have a second preview for Island Adventure (our first being the sneak peak). Maybe Island Adventure should run out and tell all of its friends that it’s the preview master.


What to expect from Secret Team

Secret Team airs tomorrow. The preview shows Steven and Amethyst as they are about to cause Pearl to drop a bubble containing gem shards; Amethyst has said Garnet will be mad at Pearl having the bubble, and identifies it as one of Rose Quartz’s (which you can see is distinctively pink, just as Amethyst’s are …

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Sneak peak: Island Adventure

Usually we have to wait longer for episode previews, but this week was special because of Comic Con. Here’s a clip from next week’s episode, Island Adventure:


Preview for Secret Team

Secret Team will air on October 16, 2014 at 6:45 PM EST.

Here’s a preview via CNPreview:


What to expect from Space Race

Tomorrow we get to see Space Race. In the episode preview, we can see Steven and Greg working on a “space ship” that looks suspiciously like a soapbox car with either a sparkler or a firework rocket in the back, presumably after Pearl lamented the loss of her days of traveling the stars.

It’s anyone’s guess where …

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Preview for Space Race

Space Race will air on October 9, 2014 at 6:45 PM EST.

Here’s a preview via CNPreview:


What to expect from House Guest

With House Guest airing tomorrow, it’s time to wonder what we’re going to see. We know that Greg will move in with Steven while his leg is broken, and we know this will somehow impact Steven’s powers.

After the high-impact two-parter of Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem, we can hope for this to be a gentler episode …

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Preview for House Guest

House Guest will air on October 2, 2014 at 6:45 PM EST.

The World of Steven Universe has a preview up, of a vocalized song that plays some time during the episode:


What to expect from Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem

Well, tomorrow’s the big day. Steven Universe will complete its first twenty-six episode batch with a two-part bonanza. It’s going to be spectacular.

We know there are twenty-six more episodes of season one and fifty-two episodes of season two coming. However, Cartoon Network initially ordered only twenty-six episodes. You can bet good money that Mirror Gem …

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