What to expect from Maximum Capacity

Well if nothing else, you can expect that this will probably be the episode where we see the Crystal Gems wearing sweaters. (Isn’t it neat that the seasons are persistent in Steven Universe? Isn’t it weird that this is a cool, unique thing that you very rarely see in cartoons?)

So who wants to guess where the magical twist to Amethyst and Greg watching an old sitcom is going to come in? Our best guess is that it will have something to do with the emotions Steven feels over their bonding. His powers are deeply tied to his emotions, and his mother had deep affections for Greg before she passed her gem on to Steven and so became a part of him.

Can this be the episode that subtly deals with how children feel after a parent remarries or begins dating again after the loss of their spouse? We’ve seen some weighty issues tackled by the show already, and the last episode Ms. Sugar was so closely involved with as to warrant a credit, Alone Together, certainly sets expectations high in more ways than one.