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New Steven Universe art book coming in July, 2020

Abrams Books, publishers of the Art and Origins and Tale of Steven, have an entry up for a new art book: End of an Era.

It’s going to feature new art, new interviews, and cover from season four to Change Your Mind “and beyond”. The movie isn’t specifically mentioned, but “and beyond” definitely covers at …

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Steven Universe #28 is out today

The twenty-eighth issue of the comic book series is out. Don’t you want to find out what happens to Lars and his crew?

There is, of course, a preview of the issue if you’re curious about how it begins.

Let’s just say that if you’ve been eagerly following the adventures of Lars and the Off …

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Preview for Steven Universe #28

The twenty-eighth issue of the current ongoing Steven Universe comic series is coming out next week, and we’re sure everyone is interested to know what will happen based on the odd summary for it up on Boom’s site.

Well, PopCultHQ has a preview for you to see, and we’re definitely continuing with the adventures of …

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Save the Light gets physical release

If you’ve wanted to play Save the Light on your console but have been waiting to have a disk or cartridge in hand, your wait is finally over: today Save the Light, bundled with OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes, has finally hit store shelves.

The bundle will cost you $40 and is available on the …

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Steven Universe #27 is out today

The twenty-seventh issue of the comic book series came out today. New challengers have approached, so it’s time to see what they can do.

Graphic Policy has a preview if you’re interested in what you’re in for.

Like issue #26 before it, issue #27 is a typically sized comic and so will cost you $4 …

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New mobile game: The Phantom Fable

Yesterday a new Steven Universe mobile game was released: The Phantom Fable.

Credited to SleepNinja Games, The Phantom Fable has an all-new story about an ancient Gem artifact. The combat is in real-time, with you making gestures on your touch screen to direct your characters in battle.

The Phantom Fable will cost you $3 on …

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New art book announced: The Art of Steven Universe The Movie

Yesterday Dark Horse announced an art book that would be accompanying the Steven Universe movie.

No, unfortunately the announcement doesn’t contain anything juicy. We still don’t know what’s coming up in the movie, or even when it (or the art book) will be out.

What we do know, however, is that the art book will …

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Volume 2 of the soundtrack is out today

The day is finally here: the release of the second volume of the soundtrack, containing season five’s vocal songs.

Here is the track listing:

The Working Dead Sadie Killer and the Suspects G-G-G-Ghost That Distant Shore Ruby Rider For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love) Familiar Escapism Let Me Ska My Van Into …

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Change Your Mind companion book coming out October 29, 2019

A new Steven Universe book, much like the companion to The Answer, will be published by Abrams Books this October.

Written by Rebecca Sugar herself and illustrated by Elle Michalka (one of the illustrators on the “The Answer” book) and Angie Wang (a designer on the show), it will tie in to┬áChange Your Mind, looking …

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Steven Universe #26 is out today

The twenty-sixth issue of the comic book has come out a little early! Excited to see where the cliffhanger from issue #25 goes? Then do read on!

Graphic Policy has a preview of the issue if you’re interested. Like all good previews though, it ends before you get to the good part.

The issue is …

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