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Fusion Frenzy #1 is out today

We asked so many times and we have finally received: a comic issue dedicated to the fusions of Steven Universe! As Connie would say: what a time to be alive!

You can check a preview featuring a few pages of a story at the bottom of the article if you’re curious what awaits you.

Forty …

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Steven Universe #25 is out today

Who’s ready for some Lars?

We’ve already covered the preview, so if you’d like a sample of what’s inside then take a look.

This one is definitely in the vein of adventure though.

This issue is bigger than your typical comic issue (as befitting an issue featuring our larger-than-life space pirate) and is available for …

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Preview for Steven Universe #25

The twenty-fifth issue of the current Steven Universe comic series is out tomorrow, and for a few issues at least we’ll be featuring the exploits of our favorite pink space pirate and his crew when a visit from Steven and Connie goes awry.

If you’d like to preview the issue, you can check out Graphic …

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Season 2 coming to DVD and Blu-ray on April 16, Volume 2 of the soundtrack arriving on April 12

Overly Animated has great news: on April 16 not only will the DVD for season 2 come out, but it will be on Blu-ray as well! Four days before then though, on April 12, volume 2 of the soundtrack will arrive!

Curiously enough the announcement for the season set only mentions 22 episodes being included …

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Ultimate Dough-Down graphic novel releases today

Ultimate Dough-Down hits bookstores today, with a very enticing preview available if you’re curious about what’s inside.

While Anti-Gravity promised to be (and was) a Gem adventure, Dough-Down is making promises about being a slice-of-life story about a donut-making contest in Empire City.

“One last job… Like in the movies!”

It’s 144 pages, the same …

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Harmony #5 is out today

The fifth, and final, issue of the Harmony miniseries has released today.

Anyone who is curious how the issue starts can check out the preview, but if they haven’t been following the series they’ll probably be lost (just like Steven’s pants).

What happens in the end? Well you won’t hear from us, at least not …

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Preview for Harmony #5

Comicosity has a preview for Harmony #5. Did you want a big finish? It looks like the miniseries is getting a big finish.

We get to see our favorite Homeworld Gems very briefly before getting to the action that Harmony #4 promised us—and this issue quickly makes good on.

Oh yes, and one more thing: …

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Lars of the Stars storyline coming up in Steven Universe comics

Alright, we’ve had a few days to mentally process Diamond Days, so now it’s time to cover another announcement that was made recently: starting with issue #25, the main Steven Universe comic series will feature a storyline about Lars and his off-color crew.

From the announcement it sounds like we’ll be getting Lars’s perspective on …

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Harmony #4 is out today

The fourth of five issues of the new Steven Universe comic miniseries, Harmony, has released today.

Haven’t been following the series? Here’s the preview for the issue. There are spoilers, sure, but it should definitely pique your interest.

We’re in the home stretch. Can you read this issue and not have a pretty good idea …

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Preview for Harmony #4

Comicosity has a preview for Harmony #4. It’s promising some great stuff, as always.

If you were wondering what happened after the big end to Harmony #3, then prepare to be amazed. If not… Then are you sure you’re not at least a little curious?

Harmony #4 is due out on Wednesday, November 7. Make sure …

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