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What we learned from Buddy’s Book

Well now that the barrage of constant episodes is over and we can finally collect ourselves, it’s time to settle in and talk about the first weekly episode after the Summer Adventure: Buddy’s Book.

It had some tantalizing stuff in it (a lot of speculation fodder), but first let’s go over the concrete stuff we learned …

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Immediate reaction to Buddy’s Book

Our first episode back on the weekly schedule sure gave us a lot to wonder about. We also got to see a great map of Gem sites that will have to be compared against the map in It Could’ve Been Great. Finally, we got a couple locations nailed down for sure, so that’s always a plus!

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What we learned from Hit the Diamond

Hit the Diamond was a lot of fun, but sometimes episodes with a lot of fun also use the shenanigans on screen as a path to show us more about the world that Steven inhabits. This was definitely one of those episodes, actually showing us one thing that really challenges how the earlier homeworld was …

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Immediate reaction to Hit the Diamond

In addition to having some seriously adorable moments, and some excellent alternate costumes, this will be remembered an episode that made us reconsider what Gems are like. They can be quite a bit more quirky than we’ve given them credit for.

Sophie though. And Bob. And Earl. It’s magic.

What we learned from Barn Mates

A character-driven episode always leaves us without much lore to look at, but in this case we got some characterization that might also tell us a bit about the Gem homeworld. After all, what is the homeworld except for a large collection of characters that we currently don’t know much about?

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Immediate reaction to Barn Mates

This isn’t a lore episode, it’s a character building episode. Lapis is here for the long haul, and even though there have been dozens of episodes since she appeared she’s only starting to get her character developed.

That’s okay though! We love lore, but we love it best when it’s revealed to and by characters …

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What we learned from Same Old World

We got our flashback, and we’re going to work it for all it’s worth. The fandom is abuzz with musings about a particular Gem in those flashbacks, but we won’t be wondering about her until tomorrow. There’s plenty in the flashback to unpack though, so we have plenty to cover today, if you’d like to …

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Immediate reaction to Same Old World

This episode exceeded expectations on the lore front. We’ve had one theory directly confirmed (though it was pretty strongly implied already before), and another all but directly confirmed (it’s not what was said, it’s what was shown). Flashbacks really are fantastic, aren’t they?

Plus, as far as setting the show up for the future? Well, …

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What to expect from Same Old World

Have you seen the previews? This one has some potential. Perhaps not in Same Old World itself, but it should set us up for having another fountain of lore. That alone would be something to be excited about, but there’s also a chance that we could get a sentence or two about the modern Gem homeworld …

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What we learned from Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill

When you wrap up two major plotlines you’re bound to give some good lore out, and fans like us are sure to appreciate it. It’s been quite a while since we’ve done lore implications for weekly episodes, so let’s find out together if we still remember how.

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