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Immediate reaction to Island Adventure

Island Adventure is another Sadie and Lars episode that seems to have picked up right where Joking Victim left off. The feels are strong with this one, but the magical elements are a bit stronger thanks to the setting.

This was another lore-light episode, but we did get a new location to add to the list …

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What we learned from Secret Team

As we said in our immediate reaction, Secret Team was long on character and short on lore. We have a bit of character backstory that’s fit to speculate about, but what facts did we get out of this episode?

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Immediate reaction to Secret Team

Alas, we didn’t get to see any new areas of the temple. A wasted opportunity, perhaps: the temple is enormous, and could feasibly contain just about anything the writers could dream up. Maybe some day we’ll get to see more of it.

This was more of a character episode than a lore episode, so we …

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What we learned from Space Race

Space Race was a very handy episode. Not only did we get a Pearl episode, with a healthy dose of Greg, but we got to uncover a bit more of the series. Some of it was hinted at in previous episodes, but at least one fact is totally new. Plus, we may just have seen …

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Immediate reaction to Space Race

Oh yeah, we’re definitely feeling oracular after this one. Not to spoil things too much for those who haven’t seen it yet, but we feel like we got pretty close to the mark yesterday.

So what’s affected? Both Backstory and Locations will have more information, though maybe not as much as we’d have dreamed. Still, some …

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What we learned from House Guest

Well obviously nothing’s going to compete with Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem for a while when it comes to dropping hints about the lore of Steven Universe. However, House Guest did offer up a little bit of wisdom about the show.

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Immediate reaction to House Guest

That fortune telling merit badge might not be out of our reach yet. While we may have been expecting an episode a bit more focused on Steven and Greg hanging out around the house, our thought process still checked out.

So, what did we get from this episode?

The Warp Whistle. It’s always nice to …

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What we learned from Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem

The Steven Crewniverse definitely delivered on the hype that earned Steven Universe its highest ratings yet with the airing of Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem on Thursday. Either one of these episodes by themselves would have been a bombshell. Putting them both together in one week gives us a huge amount of information about Gems to …

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Immediate reaction to Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem

Well, it looks like we won’t be getting our Fortune Telling merit badge any time soon.

Still, these episodes gave us the best kind of look at the lore: they confirmed what we already had been able to guess, and gave us something tantalizing to look out for in future episodes.

So, take this away:

The …

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What we learned from An Indirect Kiss

An Indirect Kiss gives us an interesting look at what happens when a gem is damaged, takes us to another new location, makes us wonder about Steven’s purpose, gives us something that might have crucial lore implications, and adds another power to Steven’s slowly growing list. As far as impact goes, this episode is long on speculation fuel and …

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