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Immediate reaction to The New Crystal Gems

The New Crystal Gems will be most interesting from a lore point of view in how it relates to the Out of This World event, but on its own it’s great to see Peridot and Lapis interacting with someone new. (It’s also great to see Lapis getting heavily into character—she’s so method.)

What we learned from Three Gems and a Baby

Well first off, we learned that Greg wasn’t kidding in Steven’s Birthday when he said that the Crystal Gems didn’t know much about babies. Other than that, this episode had a bit of information for us without dropping any huge bombshells. Let’s see what’s inside.

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Immediate reaction to Three Gems and a Baby

This episode was a bonanza for the timeline, giving us a pretty tight age range for a lot of characters (mostly confirming old guesses). We also got another good look at the Crystal Gems’ reactions to the loss of Rose, though there’s not as much new information in that.

We also award ourselves no points …

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Immediate reaction to Gem Harvest

Gem Harvest is another episode that won’t be long-remembered for its lore (but it definitely will be long-remembered, don’t you worry about that!). Do you want to see the cast celebrate Thanksgiving without even having to mention the holiday? Because that’s what we got, and we’re definitely thankful for it!

Immediate reaction to Onion Gang

Well, that makes it two weeks in a row without much in the way of lore information. This time we didn’t even get a smidgen of a timeline update!

Anyway, Steven Universe is back on break for now, so it will be a little while until the next new episode airs.

Immediate reaction to Last One Out of Beach City

Last One Out of Beach City was another character episode, but we got another nod to the timeline thanks to Pearl. Other than that, digging lore out of this episode will be quite a big challenge because we don’t have analysis of future vision to fall back on this time. If we think of something, we’ll …

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What we learned from Future Boy Zoltron

This is an episode about predicting the future. We may need Zoltron to know our lucky numbers (we never would have guess that W would be one!), but that we’d end up talking about future vision? It seems logical enough! So let’s see what we learned.

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Immediate reaction to Future Boy Zoltron

It’s tough to get much lore out of an episode like this one (but don’t you worry, an episode about fortune telling at least works in future vision!), but if that wasn’t just the sweetest thing…

What we learned from Mindful Education

Fusion episode = Fusion facts! Finally we know a bit more about what we’ve seen going on inside Stevonnie’s head, and we’ve seen a bit of what’s going on in the deeper portions of Steven’s head (his Vault, if you’ll permit the reference to Adventure Time).

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Immediate reaction to Mindful Education

Mindful Education was definitely a character episode. It doesn’t look like we got much lore or speculation out of it, but we should definitely get some mileage out of the close look at fusion we got (we don’t get nearly enough of those).