What to expect from Keep Beach City Weird!

This is going to be an interesting one (as you’d know if you had watched the preview). It looks like most of this episode is going to be in a flashback or story narration, like An Indirect Kiss.

So we should finally get to see more Ronaldo. That’s great! Since he’s the crackpot of the series, constantly trying to make sense of the weird things that the Crystal Gems inevitably cause to happen (or at least involve themselves in after the fact), we identify most with him. Ronaldo never fails to amuse, and his blog is always fun to check after an episode has aired. He also has buttons!

According to one of the commercials we should finally get to see Garnet shapeshift her entire body in this episode. While the ability of all Gems to shapeshift was established in Cat Fingers at the same time the power was being introduced, there has been speculation that only Amethyst has the power to manipulate her entire body; it’s good that another Gem has finally decided to use the power.

Other than that, sit back and enjoy Episode #31, the Halloween episode!