Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 367: Shave A Little Off the Wheel

GC13 and David discuss Shave A Little Off the Wheel from Summer Camp Island, another very different-feeling episode of the series.

Cookiesmell the mouse goes on an annual adventure for a ridiculously small amount of cheese, but this year he makes a friend: a snowflake named Snowflake. We can’t be certain that Snowflake will return to the ground some day, but one thing we know for sure is that she was a welcome addition to the episode.

So enjoy, and never fear: no one’s getting the textbook Slice and Dice around here (or in the mess hall for that matter).

Things They Never Tell You in Wizard City: Adventure Time Distant Lands Keeps Its Mysteries

Wizard City was never meant to be the final episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, but the vagaries of production have demanded it be so. So, with the miniseries over, we have nothing but time to ponder the mysteries Adventure Time: Distant Lands has given us, and Wizard City has given us more than its fair share.

Wizard City may have a cult worshipping Coconteppi, but why the veneration of Peppermint Butler? And what beef does Wizard City have with Peppermint Butler in the first place? Heck, why would Adventure Time: Distant Lands choose to mention the second Age of Terror again in Wizard City without elaborating on it?

Maybe we’ll get answers some day, but it won’t be in Wizard City, and it won’t be in Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 366: Wizard City

GC13 and David discuss Wizard City, the fourth and final episode of the Adventure Time: Distant Lands miniseries.

It’s over, isn’t it? Well technically it was over after Together Again if you consider the timeline, but Wizard City was the last to air. This is a very different Peppermint Butler from the one we knew, but we know he gets his power back in the end.

As for Wizard City? Well that’s a wild place. We don’t know why they hate Peppermint Butler so much, we just know that Cadebra is probably the most supportive friend in media right now.

Icy Nights: The Greatest Episode of We Bare Bears

What is the greatest, most memorable episode of We Bare Bears? Ask a hundred people, and one solid contender for that title would be Icy Nights. It’s a fair thing to say too: there’s just something about Icy Nights that makes it exciting. But what Icy Nights is not, is a typical We Bare Bears episode.

Let’s remember Icy Nights for what it is though: a rare glimpse behind the curtain as Ice Bear lives out an action movie before our eyes. We Bare Bears struck gold.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 365: Find the Glitch

GC13 and David discuss Find the Glitch from Glitch Techs.

It’s finally happened: YouTube Poop culture has seeped into Glitch Techs and taken over, at least for one episode. Do all of the crazy edits you want, just so long as we don’t need to animate much new stuff.

Mitch raised a lot of good points about Miko though, as did Five. And Safety Inspector Seven? Well, she raised some good points about herself. We can only hope that season three sees the light of day some day…

Kelsey vs Maya: Craig of the Creek Builds Towards the Capture the Flag Showdown

When Kelsey first fought Maya she was utterly crushed, but you knew there was no way Craig of the Creek would let it end there. Eventually Kelsey would face Maya again and again. We’ve seen their final battle thus far at Craig of the Creek’s big season three Capture the Flag finale, but will these two cross blades again?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 364: Tomorrow’s Bananas

GC13 and David discuss Tomorrow’s Bananas from Summer Camp Island, a double-meaning of an episode title if we’ve ever heard one.

And tomorrow IS bananas, especially when you’re using bananas to shape it. Sounds like a certain rubber piggy-centric episode of another cartoon, doesn’t it?

Susie is quite the uplifting mentor when she wants to be, and even if he’s a good boy Oscar can also show that side of himself AND some backbone if he has to. Oh, and Wallace Shawn? This episode has him too.

Processing Our Emotions on More of Hilda’s Second Season (Discussion Part Two)

The Spire crew continues to emotionally process Hilda’s hilariously frightening second season in this exciting conclusion to the Hilda season two discussion series. They finally realize the continuation of the long-running joke of David’s bug problem, and remember at least one more minor character that died. In between art notes and jokes, the crew may have also lingered on cave structures for a little longer than intended.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 363: The New Recruit

GC13 and David discuss The New Recruit from Glitch Techs.

The triumphant return of everyone’s favorite glitch modder, Ridley, is only slightly tempered by the mass destruction she manages to cause. Besides, she’s able to put Mitch in his place—his respect sure isn’t easy to earn.

It’s sad to know that Ridley’s second appearance is her last (in the finished episodes, anyway), but she’s been an amazing character. Not the best at the whole friendship thing, but you want to root for her anyway.

Yes, There Are Villains in Steven Universe

“There are no true villains in Steven Universe.” You’ve heard that, right? You’ve probably even heard that Rebecca Sugar said it. But she didn’t. Steven Universe has villains, and it’s pretty self-evident that it does. But why do people think it’s not supposed to?

It’s all because of a big game of Telephone that people have this misconception about Steven Universe and its villains. Always check the source, people!

If you want to read the article where Ms. Sugar mentioned the lack of iconic villains in Steven Universe, Gizmodo still has it up.