Kid Cosmic, Season 3, and Comic Book Writing

Season 3 of Kid Cosmic starts out with our characters living out the Kid’s dream: Kid Cosmic and the Local Heroes have become Kid Cosmic and the Global Heroes, and they have the Planet Protection Group behind them.

It’s not just that Kid Cosmic is living his dream though: he’s living IN a dream. Kid Cosmic Season 3 does something clever to warn you about this though: yes, first Papa G and then Jo are convinced that something is wrong, but it also uses comic book writing to make the third season FEEL very different from Kid Cosmic’s first two seasons.

When did YOU start agreeing that things weren’t right?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 391: Sprig vs Hop Pop and Girl Time

GC13 and David discuss Sprig vs Hop Pop and Girl Time from Amphibia.

The Plantar family sure has some crazy rituals, doesn’t it? They don’t need your suggestions for that, but Hop Pop will be happy to read them anyway. Jeremy really taught him a lot.

And Anne finally got that stick out of her hair. For just one episode, we knew what it could look like.

Rest in peace Slippy. (He slipped.)

Cartoon Network February 2022 Ratings Report

Sure, Cartoon Network only aired premiers of two series in February, but they also aired their special edition of the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest. Is it spoiling things to say that the slam dunk contest topped the network’s premiers for ratings this month with the Teen Titans hosting them?

But not only do we have the ratings for the slam dunk contest, we also have a very curious bomb for Total Dramarama, and an actual episode of Teen Titans Go as well.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 390: Hooty’s Moving Hassle

GC13 and David discuss Hooty’s Moving Hassle from The Owl House.

Hooty’s a big boy house, and he’s got the legs to prove it! When he’s been conjured, anyway. Come to think of it, there’s an awful lot we don’t know about the way the conjuring works… And Penstagram. Maybe we’re better off never having that one explained to us, actually.

At least Tom the Demon Hunter is out there living his childhood dream: throwing children off of cliffs, and never looking back.

Listen to the Voice of OK KO’s Radicles in Neon White

I was just trying to play video games. I didn’t think that when I played Neon White, I’d end up hearing Radicles, he of OK KO fame. It looks like Ian Jones-Quartey is in demand though, so hear him I did, as the voice of Neon Yellow. And not just the voice: Neon White gives us the full Radicles experience with the kind of characterization you remember from OK KO.

So there’s no reason to be sad: OK KO may have ended early, but a piece of Radicles lives on in Neon White.

If you’re interested, Neon White is listed on the Switch and on Steam.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 389: Oscar and the Monsters

GC13 and David discuss the Oscar and the Monsters arc from Summer Camp Island’s fifth season.

This time we have not one, but two retcons to consider. Maybe three. It would seem that Summer Camp Island owes its philosophy on worldbuilding more to Adventure Time, where that came much later in the game.

Not that any of that stops Summer Camp Island from being awesome. Stuart might disagree, but he’s just… Stuart.

Ruler of the Boiling Isles: Is The Owl House’s Emperor Belos More Than He Seems?

Emperor Belos speaks for the Titan, or so he claims. Viewers of The Owl House will know that he’s lied before, so it’s only natural to wonder whether he’s lying now. But, is the lie that he can hear the Titan at all? Or is The Owl House’s current villain secretly the Titan?

Maybe. Or maybe Belos is just a guy and he wants people to believe he might be the Titan. The Owl House hasn’t given us much reason to trust him, so we’ll have keep an eye on new episodes for more hints.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 388: Anne Theft Auto and Breakout Star

GC13 and David discuss Anne Theft Auto and Breakout Star from Amphibia.

Well, Anne Theft Auto was a heartfelt episode forging a connection between Anne and her adoptive frog family. Who couldn’t love that? Once Anne got to reading about Bessie’s history, she couldn’t put the book down, and we couldn’t put this episode away either.

Then, of course, we got the acne episode, with a twist: people love it! Well, and the zits disappear in a day, but some things are too unbelievable, even in a cartoon about being transported to a frog world.

Root Beer Guy: Adventure Time’s Twistiest, Turniest Character

I’ve always loved the episode Root Beer Guy. When Adventure Time gets it right, it gets it really right. But while it’s a great episode and he’s a great character, Root Beer Guy is also Adventure Time’s weirdest tribute to the status quo. He may become captain of the Banana Guard, but Root Beer Guy is also killed off offscreen, only getting an on-screen death a season after the fact. What the heck, Adventure Time?

It’s alright though: that same episode brings him back to life. Root Beer Guy, now Dirt Beer Guy, resumes the old status quo living with Cherry Cream Soda and leaving the Banana Guard to its own devices. You couldn’t have brought a nicer guy back, Adventure Time.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 387: Covention

GC13 and David discuss Covention from The Owl House.

No, it’s not the most fun title to pronounce, but it’s the first we see of Lilith and the Emperor’s Coven, and oh boy is that a good battle between sisters (even if it’s not the safest event to watch from the stands).

But whether you’re part of the Swag Coven or the Cat Coven (the Swag Cat Coven, perhaps?), the important thing is that you do your duty and join a coven. The Emperor demands it.