Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 499: Weather Your Weather (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Weather Your Weather from Summer Camp Island.

Does anyone think there’s a lot of magic happening for a world where the source of all magic has been destroyed? Last episode it was just a tornado and a ghost, but now we have a pool and a hatch to add to the list, and a mysterious voice. Add another cliffhanger to the pile.

But whether magical or nonmagical, Oscar will still be there to bring the good vibes. Congratulations son, you redeemed yourself from last episode.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 498: Swellington Boots (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Swellington Boots from Summer Camp Island.

Susie has finally arrived. She’s been the de facto main character of the series for a while, but now that she’s experiencing a story arc she has officially joined the main character club.

Sue and Doug take control of the situation and teach Susie a valuable life lesson, but there’s still a tornado out there and Susie’s going to have to take care of it—while Betsy takes care of Ghost the Boy.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 497: Meeting of the Mounds (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Meeting of the Mounds from Summer Camp Island.

Another series, another baseball episode filled with wacky hijinks—apparently nine innings worth, which is enough to drive anyone to exhaustion. Susie, you are forgiven—especially because at least you used your magic for a better reason than those other knuckleheads.

Thankfully Oscar’s parents aren’t the brightest, or else they really might really have gone to the president.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 496: Retrace Our Hooves (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Retrace Our Hooves from Summer Camp Island.

It’s okay Mildred, there’s no rush—we’re sure Susie has time to finish her epic death speech and make it out of the Metaphysical Reserve alive.

And thank goodness that she does! Susie escapes from a not at all sinister place that had incredibly sinister designs on her. What is the Metaphysical Reserve? Why does it do what it does? We’ll probably never know, but at least we’ll know one thing: Pepper gets no respect.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 495: Croissant Moon (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Croissant Moon from Summer Camp Island.

With the help of Jimjams it’s time to send Mildred into her dreams to find the Thin Place and break through it into the Metaphysical Reserve. Do you think she would have even had a chance of making it without Pepper’s help? Perhaps as such a frequent sleeper he’s an expert at navigating dreams?

But back in the world of the waking we learn all of the things you can do with Oscar bucks. As long as a full moon is what you’re looking for…

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 494: Bear With Me (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Bear With Me from Summer Camp Island.

The Jar Guard has arrived on Summer Camp Island, and the Rascals have come out to finally feast on jelly at her expense. Thankfully they’re not very observant, and fall prey to the old couch-is-actually-two-bears trick!

It’s not easy to convince the Jar Guard that she’s actually Mildred, but now she finally has her memories back. It’s all coming together, and the light has been turned back on!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 493: Jar Guard (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Jar Guard from Summer Camp Island.

And now we see what was happening a bit deeper into the Frozen North just as Susie was planning to unleash her newly minted swear words on her sister. The word “tragedy” feels quite appropriate.

We may never truly understand the Pale Dog, but we can appreciate how he fits into a tradition of beguiling storybook tricksters. The world’s dangerous out there for a naive kid, even if she’s lived out the thirteenth year of her life eighty (or was it a hundred and thirty?) times.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 492: Night’s Pockets (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Night’s Pockets from Summer Camp Island.

So out finally comes Jimjams’ true backstory: once a god, he was turned into a lowly purple pair of pajamas for his transgression against Time. At least he took his punishment like a champ.

But unfortunately Time is still upset with him, so upset not even a fishing trip is enough to slow Time down to a crawl. It’s up to the scientifically minded Pajamas to come up with a solution, but unfortunately he’s still confused about  the magnetic rocks…

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 491: The Metaphysical Reserve (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss The Metaphysical Reserve from Summer Camp Island.

The metaphysical reserve is a very mysterious place, but there’s no mystery to Susie: she wants love and adoration, and as long as she’s in the metaphysical reserve she’ll get it. It’s really too bad about the whole fossilization thing…

But reality keeps intruding on Susie in her fantasy of a past she couldn’t have, including two animals who should remind you a lot of a pair of Rascals. Just what’s going on here? Will we ever know?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 490: The Last Witch (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss The Last Witch from Summer Camp Island.

Susie has a very complicated spell that just came to her (as if in a dream), but unfortunately it’s going to require the witches to go into a trance one by one to keep it going. Except for Hedgehog, of course, who’s responsible for Susie’s safe return when there are no witches left.

Things look dark, but the babies go marching to Hedgehog’s aid! Where do you stand on the lyrics? Either way it wonderful song.