Lunar Sea Spire episode 409: Really Small Problems (from The Owl House)

GC13 and David discuss Really Small Problems from The Owl House.

In a world where wild houseflies are intelligent enough to serve as steeds and follow complex instructions involving not eating food, it’s probably a good thing their hairs are so fine, even on a very small scale.

It just gets weirder where it’s also a world where someone would rather add an unpaid snack seller to the staff than cash in the largest bounty the nation has ever seen. It’s a strange world.

Change For the Better: The Diamonds’ Powers in Steven Universe

The Diamonds are the strongest characters in Steven Universe. While initially all four had damaging, devastating powers, each would have a change of heart that left them with much more passive, restoring powers. Pink Diamond was the first, going so far as to change her very self and giving birth to our title character: Steven Universe.

She wasn’t the last though: Steven was able to change the other Diamonds’ minds, and leave them with a commitment to leaving the universe a better place. Vote Zircon!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 408: The First Day (from The Owl House)

GC13 and Soren discuss The First Day from The Owl House.

That’s right, we’re back to The Owl House! It’s Luz’s first day in a magical school. With a hat that can sort– we mean choose your coven track? Well, at least it’s not a boarding school…

How much foreshadowing do you see in season one? How many callbacks? There are a lot of bread crumbs left in The Owl House to follow, even if they can be rather subtle at times.

Cartoon Network June 2022 Ratings Report

Did you notice how all Cartoon Network has these days are quiet months? Well, June 2022 was another one of those. Still, we got premiers for Total Dramarama and Victor and Valentino, as well as a network premier for the movie Tom and Jerry: Cowboy Up!

Plus, they even slipped out the ratings for a Victor and Valentino re-run on Friday. We’ll take it!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 407: A Night at the Inn and Wally and Anne (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss A Night at the Inn and Wally and Anne from Amphibia.

So it’s another episode with cannibal frogs in one season. What are the odds? Probably a lot better than someone being careless enough to store vinegar right next to baking soda with Anne around—that’s a choice they’re going to regret.

Plus, Wally and Anne have finally bonded. Anne’s come a long way in her journey since her stay in Wartwood first began, and it’s nice to hear her start learning from the master of not caring what anyone thinks.

The Final Boss of The Owl House: Who Can Beat the Collector?

The last episode of The Owl House’s second season left everyone on the Boiling Isles in a precarious situation: trapped with the Collector, a god with all the empathy of a small child, excited to finally be let out to play with his toys. Luz and her friends are trapped on Earth, without any way to get back.

So, who can stop the Collector now? There’s no way The Owl House will end on such a sad note, so someone has to save the day (is Craig available?). There are probably a lot of characters who could do the trick, if only they were allowed to cross over to The Owl House, but there are also three characters you’d probably never have thought of who could do the trick too…

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 406: Snow Day and Cracking Mrs. Croaker (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Snow Day and Cracking Mrs. Croaker from Amphibia.

Snow Day loads up Chekhov’s Gun with some sleight of hand, but we’re not mad: those pictures Anne and Sprig took were too darling. Plus, the hibernation episode wasn’t anything like Survival of the Idiots, so that has to count for something.

Plus, Sprig is a popular boy now (boy now, boy now). It’s just too bad Mrs. Croaker doesn’t think so. Now Sprig has to do something DRASTIC.

And while the cicadas may sound nice for a little bit, living with them does start to grate on your ears after a while…

Are You Afraid to Get Meta? OK KO, Let’s Watch the Pilot, and Recontextualization

There was no uproar when OK KO aired Let’s Watch the Pilot, but make no mistake: there was at least a little bit of discomfort. Even though Let’s Watch the Pilot wasn’t canon (or took place in an “alternate universe”, if you prefer), something about it made OK KO fans uncomfortable.

That’s always the danger when you go meta, but in a show like OK KO, your fans are going to have a much higher tolerance for it. Let’s Watch the Pilot was never in any danger, and the show would get meta again later in Your World is an Illusion.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 405: Croak and Punishment and Trip to the Archives (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Croak and Punishment and Trip to the Archives from Amphibia.

So Anne has finally found out why it’s dangerous to have her hair taste like foliage; Sprig has probably also broken the land speed record. He makes a good bad cop too, though he’d probably make a good good cop as well.

Unfortunately no cicadas made it into the recording, but David did have a frog join him towards the end of the episode.

The Owl House’s Forgotten Reveal: The Legend of Steve

Season 2B of The Owl House has thrown a lot at us. Steve, the living legend, got a face reveal and joined the rebellion, but the very next episode left us on a cliffhanger that people were more interested in what The Owl House had in store for us than what it had just showed us.

But let’s give Steve his due: the man’s come a long way since season one of The Owl House. He has his own voice actor now, and his own character arc too. Steve, you’re the hero The Owl House needs.