Nom Nom: How the Biggest Jerk in We Bare Bears Grew as a Person

We Bare Bears is a friendly, comfortable show. The bears may have trouble fitting in, but people are generally nice to them. Usually. Most of the time.

Nom Nom though? He’s never nice to anyone. He’s the biggest jerk in We Bare Bears, and even dips his toes in the pool of outright villainy. Still, We Bare Bears is also a hopeful series; Nom Nom may still be a jerk by the end of the series, but even he experienced some positive character growth along the way.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 354: Sea Bunnies and Mushrumours

GC13 and David bring up a double-header and discuss both Sea Bunnies and Mushrumours from Summer Camp Island.

Sea Bunnies is a wild ride, not least because of the huge difference in art style the episode has. Just watch out for the sea rabbits: they’re not nearly as cute and cuddly as they first appear…

It’s Mushrumours that gives us another piece of the lore puzzle, with witches not bending nature to their whim. Plus, a huge lore drop: Alice is, in fact, a woolly mammoth, NOT an elephant!

Kid Cosmic, Earth Force Enforcement Force, and Heroism

Kid Cosmic is a show about heroes. We start off with Kid Cosmic himself, and quickly recruit the Local Heroes. Towards the end of the first season though, we’re introduced to Earth Force Enforcement Force, and at first they seem like they’re everything Kid Cosmic and the Local Heroes aren’t.

Earth Force Enforcement Force has the snazzy uniforms, they’re well-trained, and their quips can kill. Still, they’re happily enforcing the force of the Earth Force, and all it takes is one conversation with the Biker in Black to make you question whether saving humanity is really the reason we have to go out there and hurt people.

Are Earth Force Enforcement Force real heroes, or do they need to take a lesson from Kid Cosmic and Papa G?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 353: Susie’s Fantastical Scavenger Hunt

GC13 and David discuss Susie’s Fantastical Scavenger Hunt from Summer Camp Island.

Yeah, Susie’s lost a lot of earring backs, okay? At least she remembers vaguely where she lost them. And apparently isn’t too particular about where she gets them from, as long as she gets them.

Oscar and Lucy make a good team though, even if it’s only due to the embracing of a diabolical nature. Anything for Heartforde.

Oh, and egg on pizza: yea or nay?

(Some of the) Cartoon Network May 2021 Ratings Report: The Final Report

We might only have numbers for the first two weekends of May, but those ratings still need to be reported. Besides, we have Cartoon Network’s ratings for the rest of 2021 we need to look at for trends. Who topped the ratings for the months we have on record?

It’s sad, but this will be the last Cartoon Network ratings report unless someone can carry on Showbuzz Daily’s work.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 352: Dark Harvest

GC13 and David discuss Dark Harvest from Invader Zim, AKA “Body Horror: The Episode”.

You could do body part replacement without it looking so uncomfortable, but that’s not the world Invader Zim takes place in. Everything is awful, everyone is awful, and every background must be lovingly crafted by a (hopefully) well-paid background artist for use in a single shot.

Yeah, pairing this one up with Germs was probably the right call. Bestest Friends would have just been too much.

From Kind to a Killer: Sieve’s Journey Through Infinity Train

When we first met Sieve in the first season of Infinity Train he was just a rookie officer in Reflection Enforcement. He shied away from using a sander on the sliver they had been called in to deal with, and he showed kindness to a Prime when he had no need to.

Well, by Infinity Train’s second season Sieve had been working with Mace for a few months, and he was well on his way to becoming a killing machine. He still had a smile and a sympathetic voice for Primes, but only when he wanted something. More important, he was willing to use a sander and wanted everyone to know it.

And, of course, the season finale for The Cracked Reflection sees a bereaved Sieve turn into the killing machine he thought Mace always wanted him to be. Sometimes, Infinity Train can be cruel.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 351: The Glitch Modder

GC13 and David discuss The Glitch Modder from Glitch Techs.

Introducing a new character is a heck of a way to start a season (or the second half of a season for you sticklers). Well, Ridley… If you’ve seen the episode you’ll know, and if you haven’t seen the episode then what are you waiting for?

It’s good to see that Mitch is still in jerk mode. Some things never change. Or… Do they?

This will be the final episode of the podcast also available on YouTube.

Magical and Mundane: How Steven Universe Introduces Its Thesis in Two Episodes

Steven Universe is a show about the mixing of the magical and the mundane (that is to say: the non-magical), and the fascination the magical can have with what we might call ordinary. Rather than spending its first two episodes telling you where in the story we are, Steven Universe instead sets up this central thesis and starts laying down themes so the viewer knows what to expect.

Not every show is as theme-heavy as Steven Universe, but it’s always good to get your ideas out there like Gem Glow and Laser Light Cannon did.


Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 350: Together Again

GC13 and David discuss Together Again from Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

Finn and Jake are finally together again! We knew this was coming ever since Finn had his Jake tattoo in Obsidian, and it’s a suitably epic adventure for Finn and Jake to end their tenure on.

Did you wonder about Dead Worlds? We get to see a few. We even know some numbers for them!

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.