Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 359: Ralphie Bear is Back

GC13 and David discuss Ralphie Bear is Back from Glitch Techs.

So, everyone mark “Five Nights at Freddy’s episode” off of your checklist. Jinkies those animatronics are creepy… Thank goodness we have a Birthday Ruiner around to take care of them! Maybe we even have two…

Save all of your money up, and you too can have a robot try to ruin your birthday! At least the prizes at the prize counter actually cost a reasonable amount though. Still a pretty good timeline, even without the Glitch Tech catgirls.

Hilda Season 2 Watchtower Chat, Part One

The Lunar Sea Spire crew finally found the second season of Hilda in their watchlist and decided to get together to share their favorite traumatic and troubling moments. Hilda and friends got into plenty of mischief this season, but some of it wasn’t even Hilda’s fault! The crew laughs over death, deranged elves, and DILFs in the first part of their discussion of Hilda Season 2.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 358: Oscar and His Demon

GC13 and David discuss Oscar and His Demon from Summer Camp Island.

It’s an episode where the strictest standards of silence are upheld. There’s no speaking, no music, and no sounds of wildlife (don’t worry, the woodpeckers are excellent mimes).

Well we say there’s no speaking, but that bit at the end… Oscar’s demon gives voice to some very interesting thoughts. Certainly Summer Camp Island has more to teach us than just the joys of friendship. Remember kids, sometimes it’s important to live a little.

Deltron’s Return: A Surprise End to Craig of the Creek’s Capture the Flag Arc

Nobody expected Deltron to come back to Craig of the Creek. Well, I didn’t, anyway. But I should have. King Xavier, tyrannical ruler of the Other Side, was moving into Craig’s side of the creek, and there’s no way Deltron can let something like that go.

So, when Deltron shows up at the perfect time in a game of capture the flag, he’s able to save the day, and help banish Xavier’s tyranny from Craig of the Creek.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 357: Spirit Balls

GC13 and David discuss Spirit Balls from Summer Camp Island.

Ah, 10 years before Betsy. Isn’t it nice to be able to place things on a timeline? We get another look at Mallory in this episode, but it’s Emma we really get a dive into. But… Do we actually understand her any better?

No, no, all we have is questions. If Spirit Balls didn’t make you wonder then you weren’t paying attention, but seeing what the witches were up to in the past is always a treat.

The Rad-Off: A Joke, or OK KO’s Crowning of a New Rad?

I’m sure that when you watched You Are Rad you thought the idea of a Rad-Off was funny, that it was just OK KO having Rad say something funny. But what if I told you that Rad-Offs were 100% real, and that Radicles won his identity as Rad in one? Get ready for the deepest of OK KO lore.

Of course it’s entirely possible that this is all just a crack theory based off of something OK KO only ever meant to be funny, but OK KO is a fun show and You Are Rad is a fun episode, so let’s have some fun.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 356: Breakfast Like Gene Kelly

GC13 and David discuss Breakfast Like Gene Kelly from Summer Camp Island.

We may not know much about Gene Kelly, but we know a lot about Summer Camp Island—except for maybe monster names, we’re still working on those. Thank goodness we have pine needle skiing with a ski patrol, and a swear patrol to go along with them!

Also, we know a lot about health codes too. We have our doubts that Oscar’s kitchen behavior would pass a health inspection…

Summer Camp Island and the Hall of Mooms: The Twist that Didn’t Twist

Summer Camp Island is kind of far down on the plot twist scale as far as cartoons go, but Hall of Mooms really stands out as heavily broadcasting a potential twist and refusing to take it. No matter how many times we try to upset him, the Broom Maker is just unflappable—the Fountain of Couth DOES exist, and it’s on Summer Camp Island!

But that’s not the only twist Hall of Mooms teases, oh no. Hedgehog’s moom has a mysterious member, and no attention is even called to her during the episode. Surely Summer Camp Island is saving her for the next batch.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 355: Ping

GC13 and David discuss Ping from Glitch Techs.

This is it: the big retro game episode! Games like Pong may not be as advanced as the games we play nowadays, but they’re still fun. Even Super Mario 64 still has a few things it can teach us.

But of course Mitch isn’t a big fan of the beepy-bloopy retro titles. He’ll be getting his character development soon enough though, don’t you worry.

Nom Nom: How the Biggest Jerk in We Bare Bears Grew as a Person

We Bare Bears is a friendly, comfortable show. The bears may have trouble fitting in, but people are generally nice to them. Usually. Most of the time.

Nom Nom though? He’s never nice to anyone. He’s the biggest jerk in We Bare Bears, and even dips his toes in the pool of outright villainy. Still, We Bare Bears is also a hopeful series; Nom Nom may still be a jerk by the end of the series, but even he experienced some positive character growth along the way.