Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 384: The Intruder

GC13, Soren, and David discuss The Intruder, a very important episode of The Owl House.

Not only does The Intruder start Luz down the path of magic, it also introduces us to Eda’s curse, something that has defined her adult life and will come up again and again throughout the series.

And then there’s King. Whether he’s really an author or not, he’ll always be the king of demons in our book. Except for giraffes. Nobody likes those guys.

Three Storylines For Summer Camp Island to Wrap Up Before Its End

Summer Camp Island is coming to an end soon, but we can hope there are forty episodes to go. There had better be, because Summer Camp Island’s fifth season made things a lot more interesting and it’s going to need time to wrap everything up.

Can Summer Camp Island wrap everything up in thirteen episodes? It probably would. But can Summer Camp Island do that without feeling very rushed? No, no: these storylines need time to breathe.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 383: Betsy and the Ghost

GC13 and David discuss the Betsy and the Ghost arc from the fifth season of Summer Camp Island.

Are you ready for sad? Because if you remember the first season of Summer Camp Island, you know that this can’t have a happy ending. Poor Betsy… At least now we know Susie wasn’t interfering with Betsy’s love life. On purpose, anyway.

This arc’s placement in the season is quite curious, by the way. Watch out for some of Susie’s other ghosts—you might be seeing them in the flesh in the next arc.

Cartoon Network December 2021 Ratings Report

Cartoon Network didn’t have a lot of shows to do ratings for, with only four being represented in the December ratings report. With only nine episodes to give ratings for, we don’t even have many ratings. But what we do have is comparisons! How did December 2021 do compared to December 2020? Heck, how did October do compared to last year.

In December we saw Cartoon Network premiers for Teen Titans Go, Craig of the Creek, Total Dramarama, and Apple and Onion, on Saturday the 4th and in the evenings of Monday the 6th to Thursday the 9th.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 382: Hop Luck and Stakeout

GC13 and David discuss Hop Luck and Stakeout from Amphibia.

Yep, it’s official: Amphibia is a cynical show. And yet everything is so bright and colorful, so fun and funny. Anne may be missing a shoe, but for better or worse she’s with her family, and she is taking a firm stand on the evils of pineapples on pizza.

We may not know how she had any energy drink left for her stakeout, we just know that Sprig’s plan was as poorly thought out as it was brilliantly executed.

What Do Mildred, a Horse, and a Sheep Have in Common? Summer Camp Island’s Conspiracy Against Magic

Summer Camp Island Season 5 has made the disappearance of magic in the universe so much more interesting. First we learned that the striped horse and the bearded sheep came to Summer Camp Island to end magic before it began, and now we know that Susie isn’t the only one who’s been hammering on about Mildred.

The people who live in the world of Summer Camp Island are much nicer than the people who live in ours, but even they would probably rather send out the witch hunters than suppress all of their own emotions. Unless someone convinced them otherwise, that is… Welcome to the conspiracy corner.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 381: I Was A Teenage Abomination

GC13, Soren, and David discuss I Was A Teenage Abomination from The Owl House.

Well, we’re finally here: SCHOOL. Is school in the Burning Isles as horrifying as it is in our world? It looks like it. At the very least it’s headed up by a principal who may or may not have murderous intentions towards our teenage abomination, Luz.

But it’s okay! She’s banned from school, so surely she will be completely safe from both murder and the corrupting influence of standardized education. Surely.

Summer Camp Island’s Primordial Villains: The Striped Horse and Bearded Sheep in Season 5

Summer Camp Island used to be a series short on villains, but with season 5 we’ve finally met the Striped Horse and Bearded Sheep properly (after briefly seeing them back in The Soundhouse in season one). They’re… Not very nice people. Yes, Summer Camp Island is definitely nicer than the average show, but come on. “All shall be wrong in the world!”? That’s villain talk.

But what did the Striped Horse and Bearded Sheep come to Summer Camp Island to do in the first place? Well, it looks like they were just there to eat jelly, but when you look at what became of the jelly they were after, you start to think that there was more to it than that. Summer Camp Island isn’t giving up all of its mysteries in just season 5, but we can make some guesses about who these guys are.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 380: Barb and the Spotted Bears

GC13 and David discuss the Barb and the Spotted Bears arc from the fifth season of Summer Camp Island.

What starts out as a cute bedtime story (about putting spotted bears to bed, oddly enough) turns into a very important-feeling story about a pair of interlopers coming to the island to eat a jelly pool. With the spotted bears asleep on the job, the task of defending the island falls on Barb and her newly created elves.

And maybe, just maybe, there was a retcon involving the striped horse and bearded sheep. You be the judge.

Mildred, Emma, and Season 5 of Summer Camp Island

When Mildred was first brought up in the second season of Summer Camp Island, she was just a small part of one episode. When Emma had one of her books in the fourth season though, gears started turning in my head. Now that season 5 of Summer Camp Island has released, I see even more reasons to think that Emma is actually Mildred.

Summer Camp Island is playing a long game with Mildred, so we’re sure to see more of her story. Eventually though, I’m sure it will reveal that Susie’s sister has actually been with her for a long time.