Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 371: Hark the Gerald Sings

GC13 and David discuss Hark the Gerald Sings from Summer Camp Island.

We may have lost fairies from Summer Camp Island’s pantheon of magical creatures this season, but we’ve been given a new one: superstitions! Betsy gets her chance to shine by revealing to us Gerald, the unpleasant mirror life holds up to Oscar.

Just make sure this episode doesn’t make you remember Summer Camp Island episodes that never happened. That’s been going around lately…

Not-So-Sweetypies: The Three Worst Sweetypies in Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

The Sweetypies in Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart are all… Well, sweet. They have hearts in their design, and everything! Sweet isn’t all they can be: these little monsters can be quite sour.

Three of them stick out as being the worst Sweetypies in all of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. Let’s see who the guilty parties are!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 370: Settling the Score

GC13 and David discuss Settling the Score from Glitch Techs.

Brad Breeck’s music is mighty, and this episode is a pleasure to watch just for “Rock ’em, Sock ’em” and “Kaiju Baby” alone. But this episode has more than just music: it has heart.

Miko’s backstory, previously established in Ralphie Bear is Back, comes back into play as we meet the impressive Mike Simms, a kid who just like Phil manages to make friends wherever he goes. First Ridley, and now Miko: he’s a popular guy.

Cartoon Network September 2021 Ratings Report

Yes, I’m just as surprised as you are. Since Showbuzz Daily is still going strong though after its triumphant August return, we can get back to reporting on this Cartoon Network ratings.

September saw the end of a run of premiers for The Fungies, while Tig ‘n Seek continued a run of Friday night premiers. Teen Titans Go, Jellystone, Total Dramarama, and Victor and Valentino all rounded out the week as a Saturday morning block.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 369: He’s Just Not Here Right Now

GC13 and David discuss He’s Just Not Here Right Now from Summer Camp Island.

This is the debut (maybe?) of the Jersey Devil, a very good hider who serves as the boogeyman of the pine barrens and an eater of sandwiches. It’s also a flashback to Oscar and Hedgehog in their younger days, back when Oscar was a sack of potatoes. (Yeah, maybe not the best nickname…)

Thankfully conservation wins out over development and the Jersey Devil will continue to have some barrens to haunt. Just… Don’t ask about Susie’s old spa…

Democracy of the Creek: What Craig of the Creek and the Council of the Creek Say About Institutions

When Craig of the Creek started there was no greater structure to our side of the creek, just a bunch of groups with their own rules and leaders. After Craig created the Council of the Creek though, things changed, and the creek found itself with a way to organize its groups.

The Council of the Creek is a political institution, just like the Other Side’s kingship, and Craig of the Creek has warnings for both fans of democracy and autocracy about the slip from good governance into tyranny.

Though, let’s be honest: if you think about it, a lot of this is really Bobby’s fault. Craig of the Creek may have done a lot more with him in season three, but he still remains the whipping boy.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 368: The Real Glitch Techs

GC13 and David discuss The Real Glitch Techs. Yep, it’s from Glitch Techs.

We get introduced to a whole new squad from another town. It’s kind of a shame that we won’t get to see much of them in the future, actually… Still, new tech store, new techs, new boss (with a very, very expensive voice actress), and even some secret sauce!

But the most important thing is that in the end the slimes were able to be together. Unfortunately they had to be killed for the murder of Pancake McGuffin.

Emily Ghost: Summer Camp Island’s Rudest Manners Teacher?

If you’re on Summer Camp Island and looking to take a manners class I heartily DO NOT recommend Emily Ghost. She may act all prim and proper, but I have serious doubts on whether she actually knows her manners—she certainly doesn’t put any on display!

So yes, it’s a conspiracy on Summer Camp Island! Does Emily Ghost know her stuff? It sure doesn’t look like it. The only ingredient added to make it a conspiracy is that little bit of ambiguity about whether or not Summer Camp Island actually intended to make the Emily Ghost Institute for Manners and Magical Etiquette look so bad.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 367: Shave A Little Off the Wheel

GC13 and David discuss Shave A Little Off the Wheel from Summer Camp Island, another very different-feeling episode of the series.

Cookiesmell the mouse goes on an annual adventure for a ridiculously small amount of cheese, but this year he makes a friend: a snowflake named Snowflake. We can’t be certain that Snowflake will return to the ground some day, but one thing we know for sure is that she was a welcome addition to the episode.

So enjoy, and never fear: no one’s getting the textbook Slice and Dice around here (or in the mess hall for that matter).

Things They Never Tell You in Wizard City: Adventure Time Distant Lands Keeps Its Mysteries

Wizard City was never meant to be the final episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, but the vagaries of production have demanded it be so. So, with the miniseries over, we have nothing but time to ponder the mysteries Adventure Time: Distant Lands has given us, and Wizard City has given us more than its fair share.

Wizard City may have a cult worshipping Coconteppi, but why the veneration of Peppermint Butler? And what beef does Wizard City have with Peppermint Butler in the first place? Heck, why would Adventure Time: Distant Lands choose to mention the second Age of Terror again in Wizard City without elaborating on it?

Maybe we’ll get answers some day, but it won’t be in Wizard City, and it won’t be in Adventure Time: Distant Lands.