A Look at Summer Camp Island’s Season 5 Trailer

With new episodes just days away, it’s time to head back to Summer Camp Island. A trailer recently released and, combined with title cards for the story arcs, it’s time to look ahead and see what Summer Camp Island’s fifth season will bring us.

Are you excited for season five of Summer Camp Island? I am.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 377: Anne or Beast? and Best Fronds

GC13 and David discuss Amphibia’s first two episodes: Anne or Beast? and Best Fronds.

Well if The Owl House started off a little oddly, Amphibia seems to start off like it intends to continue—and that might just include a lot of jokes based on fakeouts.

So Anne has been whisked off to another world for a magical adventure, with nothing but her trusty cellphone by her side? No, this isn’t Infinity Train, but we’re here for it anyway.

Luz is no Space Alien: The Owl House Tells a Lie

The first episode of a series is very important, because it lets the viewer know what to expect from its characters and its stories. The Owl House has a whole new world to introduce us to, so it had to start bringing us up to speed on that as well.

With so much ground to cover it’s understandable why The Owl House was in a rush to introduce its main character, Luz; in order to be as efficient as possible it told us a lot about her in the first couple of minutes—and made her sound like she’s from outer space in the process. What it showed us, however, was quite a different character.

With this video made I can continue watching The Owl House, so I’ll see how I did with my prediction. Will Luz act like she’s from outer space after all, or will she keep acting like she’s a great friend?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 376: A Lying Witch and a Warden

GC13, Soren, and David discuss A Lying Witch and a Warden from The Owl House.

Yes, The Owl House has finally come to the Lunar Sea Spire podcast. This is the first GC13 has ever seen of The Owl House, but David and Soren are quite familiar with the series.

So come with us into this magical world. Stay out of the conformatorium (do you guys get it? It’s like her summer camp!) but otherwise, make sure you have fun! Being weird rocks.

The Gempocalypse That Wasn’t: Why Steven Universe’s Basement is Safe Gem Storage

Anyone who’s watched Know Your Fusion can tell you that in Steven Universe, you don’t want to be in a fusion’s room when that fusion de-fuses. In fact, many Steven Universe fans wonder why the gems kept in the basement, Garnet’s room, haven’t been harmed during the many, many times Garnet has de-fused or re-fused over the course of the series.

Obviously they weren’t damaged, but Steven Universe has more answers than that for us.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 375: Pepper and the Fog

GC13 and David discuss Pepper and the Fog, the (very bizarre) finish to the fourth season of Summer Camp Island.

Yeah, did you understand any of that? There’s a lot to unpack. Pepper and the Fog doesn’t just feature a new voice actor for Pepper, it features a new outlook too. Now he really likes Susie, and wants to read a poem to her. When did all of that happen?

At least we got to hear Aimee Mann and Keith David; it’s nice to hear some familiar voices.

Tutorial Mode: The Closest Glitch Techs Comes to a Wrestling Episode

It’s like the title said: Tutorial Mode is as close as Glitch Techs comes to a wrestling episode. Mostly focused on introducing Miko and Five to the Glitch Techs organization, it does feature a wrestler villain who may be Macho Man Randy Savage, or may be Hulk Hogan—that’s up to you to decide.

What Tutorial Mode definitely does is feature referee discretion, a “roll-up”, and a classic wrestling storyline. Glitch Techs, we all want to see where this story goes.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 374: BITT Prime

GC13 and David discuss BITT Prime from Glitch Techs, the last episode of the second season (and probably the series).

We’re sad to see Glitch Techs go, but we’ve heard the story over and over again—this sort of thing happens a lot, and it hurts when it happens to such an ambitious and well-received show.

We can hope for Glitch Techs: Enter the Florpus to happen in fifteen years though, but unfortunately it’s too late for Glitch Techs: Endless Summer.

Cartoon Network October 2021 Ratings Report

There were a lot of premiers on Cartoon Network in October 2021. Tig ‘n Seek ran on Friday evenings, while Saturday had Teen Titans Go, Jellystone!, Total Dramarama, and Victor and Valentino. Finally, Sunday had DC Super Hero Girls.

That wasn’t all though: at the end of the month, premiers ran at 7:00 PM for one show each weeknight: Craig of the Creek, Victor and Valentino, Teen Titans Go, Apple and Onion, and Total Dramarama.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 373: Hall of Mooms

GC13 and David discuss Hall of Mooms from Summer Camp Island.

This episode told us so much, but it was great seeing all of the witches in Hedgehog’s ancestry (and one very mysterious ancestor you may or may not have seen!). It even told us that, at one time, there were witch hunters!

Still, Summer Camp Island isn’t the kind of show to put our characters into mortal danger from witch hunters. It will be interesting if they even come up at all in the future—as will plenty of Hedgehog’s mooms!