Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 405: Croak and Punishment and Trip to the Archives (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Croak and Punishment and Trip to the Archives from Amphibia.

So Anne has finally found out why it’s dangerous to have her hair taste like foliage; Sprig has probably also broken the land speed record. He makes a good bad cop too, though he’d probably make a good good cop as well.

Unfortunately no cicadas made it into the recording, but David did have a frog join him towards the end of the episode.

The Owl House’s Forgotten Reveal: The Legend of Steve

Season 2B of The Owl House has thrown a lot at us. Steve, the living legend, got a face reveal and joined the rebellion, but the very next episode left us on a cliffhanger that people were more interested in what The Owl House had in store for us than what it had just showed us.

But let’s give Steve his due: the man’s come a long way since season one of The Owl House. He has his own voice actor now, and his own character arc too. Steve, you’re the hero The Owl House needs.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 404: Civil Wart and Hop-Popular (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Civil Wart and Hop-Popular from Amphibia.

Did someone say “Hop Pop episode”? Because Hopediah is becoming a popular man. He’s at least more popular than Hunter. Stupid Hunter. Where would he even be without his fantastic abs?

Whether Toadstool won his election fair and square or not though, at least Hop Pop has his stand back. Thankfully the market survived the shipping war.

Cartoon Network May 2022 Ratings Report

May was a bit of a down month for Cartoon Network’s ratings, but that didn’t stop We Baby Bears from putting up one heck of a fight against Teen Titans Go.

But that wasn’t all Cartoon Network had for us: we also have ratings for Teen Titans Go and DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse. And yes, we even have ratings for the Cartoon Network premier of Aquaman: King of Atlantis!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 403: Grubhog Day and Hop Pop and Lock (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Grubhog Day and Hop Pop and Lock from Amphibia.

If you have trouble reading that first title as anything other than “Grubhub Day” then we feel your pain, and we’ve got just the medicine: a groovy electro swing beat from Hop Pop and Lock, minus the electro!

Don’t wonder why the Mayor is back, by the way: it’s more interesting to wonder why he would trust a Plantar of all people not to mess things up. Unless… The plan was always for things to get messed up!

From the Shadows of Kid Cosmic: Who Are the Earth Force?

Season one eventually pits Kid Cosmic and the Local Heroes against the Biker in Black and his Earth Force Enforcement Force. While we know that the Earth Force Enforcement Force enforces the force of the Earth Force though, we never see any other representatives of this Earth Force; Kid Cosmic’s rival, the Biker in Black, is their only representative.

And later seasons of Kid Cosmic never return to the Earth Force. Or do they? The last episode of the series gives us hope that maybe, just maybe, we know who was signing the checks of the Earth Force Enforcement Force, Kid Cosmic’s flashiest foes.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 402: Toad Tax and Prison Break (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Toad Tax and Prison Break from Amphibia.

Well, it’s official: the plot has come to Wartwood. Three thugs from the tower deputize Anne, but in a startling display of maturity she actually earns the respect of the townsfolk rather than enjoying lording it over them.

Meanwhile at Toad Tower, Sasha introduces everyone to the power of compliments. Use them, people! You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, after all, and you want to keep your frogs well-fed, don’t you?

Ridley From Glitch Techs: Having No Friends Better Than The Owl House and The Ghost and Molly McGee

It happens a lot: we meet a character with no friends, only for them to get some fairly early in the series. That’s okay. But when The Owl House tries to tell me that Luz Noceda has no friends, or when The Ghost and Molly McGee tells me Molly is in ANY way nervous about making friends, that’s going too far. It looks like Glitch Techs is going to have to show Disney how it’s done.

And Ridley is easily the character for Glitch Techs to show off. Yes, we the audience love her, but let’s just say that she’s not ready to join the Glitch Techs team yet. Ridley has had a tough time with friendship in the past, and Glitch Techs isn’t afraid to let her show it either.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 401: Lily Pad Thai and Plantar’s Last Stand (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Lily Pad Thai and Plantar’s Last Stand from Amphibia.

Looks like Anne is at it again, and this time Hop-Pop is getting in on the scamming action. Whether you see the connection to Fred Flintstone or not, you have to admit it: the man’s a good actor.

But Anne has also proven her skills in the restaurant industry. Whatever hand your spatula is on, whatever your spatula is made of, you have to salute her. Hopefully nothing bad ever happens here…

Should Susie and Ramona Defy Summer Camp Island’s Prophecy?

Summer Camp Island was founded on a prophecy, one that created a coven of witches with the intent of seeing magic return to the universe again. But is the prophecy really on magic’s side? Magic in Summer Camp Island is all about friendship and positive feelings, so why would the prophecy want to break up the most powerful friendship on the show?

It’s an open question. With the end of Summer Camp Island fast approaching though, we’re going to get our answer: will magic be saved by following the prophecy, or will Summer Camp Island end with Susie and Ramona finally defying the prophecy and saving magic?