What to expect from Island Adventure

We (most of us, anyway) will get to see Island Adventure on Thursday. This is going to be another Sadie and Lars episode, and will feature another song from Steven (though unfortunately it lacks the phrase “on a tropical island” despite being ripe for the reference to Ms. Sugar’s work on Adventure Time).

The bulk of the action will take place on what looks to be a very Gem-touched island, with Steven, Sadie, and Lars trapped there (probably because Steven isn’t the warp master after all). We might see enough of the island to divine its purpose (we’re putting money on tourist destination, but don’t look at us: we don’t have all the answers—that’s the hula dancers’ job), but as is par for the course nothing will be dwelled on.

In the preview, the Crystal Gems are searching for a monster. Expect it to show up towards the end of the episode, probably cementing the bonding between Sadie and Lars we see in the song; there’s just no fun to the episode if they spend all of it putting on lotion, sitting by the ocean.

Until Thursday: get us out of this cave, because it’s nothing but a monster-Gem grave.