What could Watermelon Steven mean?

Watermelon Steven gave us some potential foreshadowing and sent some chickens out into the world who might one day come home to roost. We can’t be the only ones wondering where this will take us, can we?

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What we learned from Watermelon Steven

It always feels good to sink our teeth into a juicy lore episode. Hands grasping the firm grounding of a mix of magic and mundanity, we revel in the delightful sweetness of new findings and the seeds of future episodes contained within.

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Ratings for Garnet’s Universe

A few days ago the ratings for Garnet’s Universe finally came in. Ratings seem to be up, as it managed 1,638,000 viewers. With the recent contract deal bringing Cartoon Network back to Dish Network, we should expect to get back to ratings above two million for new episodes starting with Lion 3: Direct to Video. All that’s left now are the ratings for Watermelon Steven, still affected by the contract dispute, and a longer-term deal between Turner and Dish.

Cartoon Network back on Dish Network temporarily

It happened a little bit too late for Watermelon Steven, but Cartoon Network is back on Dish Network for at least the next few months. Here’s to hoping a long-term extension is negotiated before we lose Steven again.

For those of you looking to fill up your DVR with Steven you’ve missed, stay tuned for the weekly schedule. This week we’ll be getting Garnet’s Universe today and Watermelon Steven on Sunday. Next week it looks like we’ll get everything we missed pretty quickly, with Fusion CusineKeep Beach City Weird!, and Island Adventure all airing Monday morning.

Immediate reaction to Watermelon Steven

A first reaction? It would be an over-statement to say “lore bomb”, but this one had a fair bit. We already saw in the preview a pretty blatant bit of exposition, but not only is it paid off in full later in the episode but they slip in a few more bits of lore without calling attention to them.

We’ll be happy to get right back to our regular schedule of breaking down the concrete things we learned about the world of Steven Universe on Saturday, then a bit of speculation about the possible meaning of what we saw on Sunday.

What to expect from Watermelon Steven

Steven growing an entire patch of watermelons that look like little people? Rose revealed to use sentient plants as guardians? Steven gets a bright idea not long after learning about this? What would possibly go wrong here?

So nobody gets any points for guessing that the watermelons are going to come to life. The big question is what kind of havoc this is going to cause in town. Will they go after Greg for stepping on one of them before they gained sentience? Or will Steven prove to be just as bad at giving orders as Peedee showed himself to be when he ordered Frybo to “make people eat fries”?

It should be interesting to see this power in action. Steven’s collecting quite a full set of abilities.

Song of the week: Secret Team!

Secret Team may be no more, but Steven’s the brains of the operation and he has a new team: Super Secret Team! He and Garnet work so well together, no one’s going to slight them for wanting to re-use the old theme song. That’s why Secret Team! is this week’s song of the week.



Steven Universe air times for November 17-23, 2014

All times are EST.

6:45 PM: Island Adventure

2:00 PM: Arcade Mania
2:15 PM: Steven and the Stevens
2:30 PM: Frybo
2:45 PM: Monster Buddies
3:00 PM: Garnet’s Universe
3:15 PM: An Indirect Kiss
6:45 PM: House Guest

6:45 PM: Ocean Gem

6:45 PM: Watermelon Steven

6:45 PM: Garnet’s Universe

6:45 PM: Watermelon Steven

What might Garnet’s Universe have taught us?

We certainly saw a more caring side of Garnet in Garnet’s Universe. We also learned that Steven has a very large set of cartoons to draw inspiration from when constructing Garnet’s imaginary adventures, but as far as real lore we’re left looking.

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Preview for Watermelon Steven

CoinOpTV has posted a clip from next week’s episode, Watermelon Steven. We heard a lore fact weaved into this one, so here’s to hoping for more from the full episode.