Aivi and Surasshu post: Two tracks from Keep Beach City Weird!

The long drought seems to be being broken in style. Another day, another episode’s music released. Today we have two songs from Keep Beach City Weird! posted by Aivi and Surasshu:

Aivi and Surasshu post: Three tracks from Island Adventure

The long drought is over! Aivi and Surasshu have finally posted three tracks from Island Adventure. In the lineup, we have:

Jeff Liu posts: Three songs from Lion 3: Straight to Video

We’re still in a drought of getting soundtracks from Aivi and Surasshu (they’re hard at work on new songs, it seems), but Jeff Liu has been providing. It seems that we’ve gotten all we’re getting, so now it’s time to post the songs!

Pillow Fights! by Klotz


Sadie and Lars don’t get enough fan art. Luckily Klotz comes riding in to the rescue with this nice picture. Check out the full-size version on Tumblr!

Song of the week: Amalgam

We have long speculated over exactly how Rose contributes to Steven’s personality. Now we know that Rose is half of Steven—much like a Gem fusion. It shouldn’t be hard to see why Amalgam is our song of the week this week!


Steven Universe air times for December 8-14, 2014

All times are EST.

6:45 PM: Monster Buddies

2:00 PM: Together Breakfast
2:15 PM: Bubble Buddies
2:30 PM: Serious Steven
2:45 PM: Arcade Mania
3:00 PM: Lion 3: Straight to Video
3:15 PM: Giant Woman
6:45 PM: An Indirect Kiss

6:45 PM: Joking Victim

6:45 PM: Mirror Gem

6:45 PM: Ocean Gem

What could Lion 3: Straight to Video mean?

Alright, we’ve gone over what we know for sure about Lion 3: Straight to Video. Now it’s time to get down into the speculative stuff. There’s a Chekhov’s Gun just waiting to be fired, and probably some more foreshadowing for stuff that will be more fully revealed later.

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What we learned from Lion 3: Straight to Video

This was definitely a lore episode, or at least one that made sure to give us a hefty package of it. It wasn’t overburdened though: like the other good lore episodes, Lion 3: Straight to Video is going to make us work for our understanding of the series, and we probably won’t fully appreciate what it hints at until later in the season.

Of course we still got some facts for immediate redemption. It wouldn’t be any fun otherwise.

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Ratings for Lion 3: Straight to Video

Still improving, Lion 3: Straight to Video pulled in 1,921,000 viewers according to ShowBuzz Daily.

That’s the last we’ll be seeing for the ratings of the show until 2015 when we get back to new premiers.

Immediate reaction to Lion 3: Straight to Video

We wanted characterization, and I think we got a lot of it. If you’re a lore aficionado then you should be very pleased by the episode. We didn’t learn enough to really edit the Backstory page, and the concrete lore we’ve learned is also rather low, but this week we’ve got a lot of fodder for the speculation mill. So much fodder…

Also: classic Pearl. 🙂