Song of the week: Waterfall Training Montage

We can think of no more appropriate song of the week this week than Waterfall Training Montage (how opportune that it was posted so recently). The power of the Gem homeworld must be hoptastrophic, and Steven’s going to have to level up big time. It looks like Alone Together is going to feature the Crystal Gems’ first attempt to give him a training montage, so look forward to that this week.


Aivi and Surasshu post: Two tracks from Watermelon Steven

Aivi and Surasshu gift us with two more tracks from Steven Universe: these two songs from Watermelon Steven. We have:

Steven Universe air times for January 12-18, 2015

All times are EST.

6:30 PM: Fusion Cuisine
6:45 PM: Bubble Buddies

2:00 PM: Ocean Gem
2:15 PM: House Guest
2:30 PM: Space Race
2:45 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!
3:00 PM: Warp Tour
3:15 PM: Fusion Cuisine
6:30 PM: Secret Team
6:45 PM: Serious Steven

6:30 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!
6:45 PM: Frybo

6:30 PM: Alone Together
6:45 PM: Warp Tour

6:30 PM: Space Race
6:45 PM: Giant Woman

6:30 PM: Alone Together
6:45 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!

What could Warp Tour mean?

The same warning from our Lore Implications post for Warp Tour still applies: we really, really mean it this time when we say you should watch the episode before reading about it. It’s a really important episode, and you’ll be happy you waited.

Of course it’s been hard for us to contain our enthusiasm, so if you’ll excuse us we’re just going to geek out underneath the “Read the rest of this entry” button a little bit.

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What we learned from Warp Tour

If you haven’t seen Warp Tour, then watch it. We mean it. This is a Big Deal episode, and you owe it to yourself to see it before you start reading about it. You’ll thank us later.

But if you have seen it already, you’re probably ready to geek out over it. In that case: read on.

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Aivi and Surasshu post: Waterfall Training Montage

Training time! The Waterfall Training Montage (1:20) from Garnet’s Universe is up, just in case you need to level up to beat a foxman of your own.

Ratings for Warp Tour

ShowBuzzDaily has the ratings for the premier of Warp Tour last night, and in addition to igniting a firestorm (the good kind) it pulled in a respectable 1,942,000 viewers.

Preview for Alone Together

CN Preview brings us the preview for Alone Together.

“Who knows what’s gonna happen?” It sounds almost… Prophetic.


Immediate reaction to Warp Tour

Someone please send help: we think our heart just stopped.

The whole point of the immediate reaction posts is to shy away from spoilers, but this time we’re having a super-difficult time restraining ourselves. Suffice to say that, again, the hype is real. This episode definitely qualifies for “lore bomb” status, and we’re going to have some fun with this one.

Steven Universe: The Interview

Newsrama recently did an “interview” with Steven (the character), with Ms. Sugar providing the answers. Mostly it’s an interesting look at some fun minor characterization that probably won’t make it into the show, but it is dropped that Steven still can’t heal people after the events of House Guest.

As far as for what could be coming next in the series, we have this interesting exchange:

Steven: I dunno, I guess anything could happen, that’s usually how it is! I met a new Gem recently, her name was Lapis Lazuli and she seemed really cool! She flew away to the Gem Homeworld!

Pearl: Steven, please. Look, stranger. There’s nothing to worry about. Earth is an independent planet, and Lapis Lazuli couldn’t possibly have made it all the way home.

Steven: What? Oh no, oh Pearl, you really think so?

Pearl: Or, well, Steven, I’m sure she did, yes, right, she definitely made it back, I’m sure she’s… having a really fun time… telling everyone… nothing!

Fascinating. It doesn’t sound like we were far from the mark when we predicted the Crystal Gems were worried that Lapis could cause some serious trouble for them. Maybe Warp Tour will shed some light on why they were worried about the Galaxy Warp despite their insistence that Lapis couldn’t have made it home with just her wings.

Finally: an independent planet? What a tease. 😎