Steven Universe air times for September 26 – October 2, 2016

All times are EDT.

Cartoon Network is randomly shuffling blocks around, so here’s what has already aired this week and our best guess about what’s coming up.

Monday: Lapis’ Lament Part Two
3:30 PM: Chille Tid
3:45 PM: Same Old World
4:00 PM: Barn Mates
4:15 PM: Hit the Diamond
8:30 PM: The Answer
8:45 PM: Steven’s Birthday

Tuesday: Smoky Quartz
3:30 PM: Steven vs Amethyst
3:45 PM: Beta
4:00 PM: Earthlings
4:15 PM: Know Your Fusion
8:30 PM: It Could’ve Been Great
8:45 PM: Message Received

Wednesday: Lars and the Cool Kids
3:30 PM: Lars and the Cool Kids
3:45 PM: Joy Ride
4:00 PM: The New Lars
4:15 PM: Beach City Drift
8:30 PM: Super Watermelon Island
8:45 PM: Gem Drill

8:30 PM and 8:45 PM: Bismuth

Friday: Onion Family
1:00 PM: Story For Steven
1:15 PM: Onion Friend
1:30 PM: Drop Beat Dad
1:45 PM: Greg the Babysitter
8:30 PM: Crack the Whip
8:45 PM: Steven vs Amethyst

Saturday: Attack From Homeworld
12:00 PM: Mirror Gem
12:15 PM: Ocean Gem
12:30 PM: Warp Tour
12:45 PM: Marble Madness
1:00 PM: The Message
1:15 PM: Political Power
1:30 PM: The Return
1:45 PM: Jailbreak