What we learned from Alone Together

It shouldn’t be a spoiler to say that Alone Together delivered on its promise to enlighten us about fusions. Though if you haven’t seen the episode yet and have managed to avoid spoilers, we’re very impressed with you.

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Aivi and Surasshu post: Peridot

It feels good to get these songs coming out sooner. Aivi and Surasshu have posted Peridot (1:13) for our enjoyment.



Preview for The Test

The good episodes just keep coming. The Test will air on January 22 at 6:30 PM EST, and as you can see from the preview we have a special interest in this one.


Immediate reaction to Alone Together

Well that was definitely something else. We think we might just have a better idea about how fusions work. This will, in turn, make more sense of Alexandrite’s apparent difference from Opal and Sugilite. The additional fusion dances we were able to see also added some more evidence to a theory about how Gems relate to fusion.

The episode didn’t want to be about lore, but we’ll make it about lore anyway. 😀

Aivi and Surasshu post: Lion’s Mane

We’ve already posted some songs from Lion 3: Straight to Video from Jeff Liu, but we now have the official Lion’s Mane (1:06) track from Aivi and Surasshu to go with those songs!



A look inside Gem Glow: the first Steven Universe DVD

The title menu for Gem Glow.

Not a bad title menu. It’s a very nice shot of the temple exterior, and they manage to get a gem from everyone in there.

The Setup screen has one option: the ability to enable or disable subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Likewise, there is only one special feature: the pilot episode.

The episode selection screens look nice, however, fitting six episodes onto each screen. It should be standard, but some DVDs don’t go for such an efficient use of space.

gem glow episode menu 1 gem glow episode menu 2

What to expect from Alone Together

It looks like we aren’t getting a chance to breathe. Warp Tour was a really big deal, and Joe is promising us goodies in Alone Together too.

So with Steven learning how to fuse, and an episode title mentioning being alone together, the easy guess is that Steven successfully fuses and we get some indication of what it’s like to be fused. That’s certainly the dream, and would definitely be enough to earn Alone Together Big Deal status.

Who would Steven best fuse with, though? It doesn’t appear that his efforts to fuse with Amethyst turn out very well, and it looks like Garnet is eager to give it a try herself. Perhaps Garnet would have an easier time fusing with Steven: while Amethyst may be more similar to Steven, Garnet seems to bond with him better. But they wouldn’t give that away in a commercial… Would they?

True Peridot by LMsHangout

Alright, we held out as long as we could on this one. Warp Tour has aired three times, so it’s time!


Just look at her: ain’t she a gem? 😉

We know she was stern and all-business during her brief appearance in Warp Tour, but it just feels so right to see her smile. Isn’t she great when she’s happy?

You can see True Peridot in all her glory on DeviantArt and Tumblr right now. So what are you waiting for?

Gem Glow: The first Steven Universe DVD launches today


It’s been a long wait but we finally have our first Steven Universe DVD: Gem Glow launched today, with twelve episodes from the first half of season one on a single disc, plus the pilot:

  • Laser Light Cannon
  • Gem Glow
  • Cat Fingers
  • Bubble Buddies
  • Tiger Millionaire
  • Steven’s Lion
  • Onion Trade
  • Giant Woman
  • Lars and the Cool Kids
  • Rose’s Room
  • Beach Party
  • Steven and the Stevens
  • Pilot episode

New episode: The Test will air on January 22, 2015

We really like Steven Universe getting half an hour every evening again. Next week we’ll be able to see The Test at 6:30 PM EST on January 22, 2015. This episode premise intrigues us, and not just because it involves the Lunar Sea Spire!

The Test
Steven finds out that his mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was a test and demands a new one.