Steven Universe air times for October 3-9, 2016

All times are EDT.

8:30 PM: Same Old World
8:45 PM: Barn Mates

8:30 PM: Hit the Diamond
8:45 PM: Steven Floats

Wednesday: Adventures at Funland
1:30 PM: Bubble Buddies
1:45 PM: Serious Steven
2:00 PM: Arcade Mania
2:15 PM: Watermelon Steven
8:30 PM: Drop Beat Dad
8:45 PM: Mr. Greg

8:30 PM: Too Short to Ride
8:45 PM: The New Lars

8:30 PM: Beach City Drift
8:45 PM: Restaurant Wars

Saturday: Crystal Chaos
1:45 PM: Full Disclosure
2:00 PM: Keeping It Together
2:15 PM: Chille Tid
2:30 PM: Cry For Help
2:45 PM: Keystone Motel
3:00 PM: Historical Friction
3:11 PM: Onion Friend
3:27 PM: Friend Ship