Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 3: Winter Forecast

PodcastTitleIn the third episode of the podcast, GC13, Ken, and Dakota discuss Winter Forecast, but not before discussing the big news of the show’s upcoming crossover with fellow Cartoon network program Uncle Grandpa.

Also discussed are Garnet’s future vision, her status as a fusion, and a continuation of last week’s discussion about the lighthouse gem, the gem on the money, and the gem from Serious Steven.

Also be sure to check out the art Rebecca Sugar did for Estelle’s (Garnet’s voice actress) latest album cover: here is the crest design, and how it looks on a CD case.

Song of the week: Love Like You (The Ocean Returns)

If you say the ending of Winter Forecast wasn’t sweet then you are a liar. It’s looking like this is a good chunk of time for Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem songs, but so be it: Love Like You is this week’s track of the week.

Steven Universe air times for February 23 – March 1, 2015

All times are EST.

1:30 PM: Steven and the Stevens
1:45 PM: Laser Light Cannon

1:30 PM: Beach Party
1:45 PM: Cheeseburger Backpack

1:30 PM: Rose’s Room
1:45 PM: Winter Forecast

1:30 PM: On the Run
1:45 PM: Secret Team
6:30 PM: Maximum Capacity
6:45 PM: Winter Forecast

1:30 PM: Horror Club
1:45 PM: Fusion Cuisine

11:30 AM: Maximum Capacity
11:45 AM: An Indirect Kiss
12:00 PM: On the Run
12:15 PM: So Many Birthdays

11:30 AM: Island Adventure
11:45 AM: Fusion Cuisine
12:00 PM: Horror Club
12:15 PM: Watermelon Steven

What could Winter Forecast mean?

Winter Forecast brought up some questions. They still don’t have answers, but they’ve been around since before this site was launched so now is as good a time as any to take a stab at them, especially given the extra information we’ve been given.

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What we learned from Winter Forecast

Ah, Steven trying to get Connie home before the snow gets too bad. It’s a simple episode, isn’t it? Nothing lore-worthy could possibly happen in that, right? You would be reasonable to think that, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’d be wrong.

Steven Universe has made a habit of trying to get us lore in surprising places. Which might make what we learned in Winter Forecast a little less surprising.

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Aivi and Surasshu post: Death Rag

Ah, from Future Vision Aivi and Surasshu have posted the jaunty little piano rag from Steven’s many possible ways to die, Death Rag (1:04).

Ratings for Winter Forecast

This Thursday was a strong day for ratings. Steven Universe got 2,054,000 viewers, and pretty much every one of Cartoon Network’s premiers did well as well.

Here’s how the horse race broke down this week:

  1. Teen Titans go at 6:00 with 2,296,000
  2. Amazing World of Gumball at 5:00 with 2,208,000
  3. Adventure Time at 7:30 with 2,152,000
  4. Regular Show at 7:45 with 2,081,000
  5. Steven Universe at 6:30 with 2,054,000
  6. Uncle Grandpa at 5:30 with 1,802,000

Immediate reaction to Winter Forecast

What is it about the innocuous-sounding episodes that tends to drop such bombshells?

We have some rethinking to do, and… Well… We’re going to have to prepare to edit the Locations page again in the future, it seems. 😀

Steven Universe to have crossover with Uncle Grandpa

Color us very surprised that this is actually real, but it’s Ian Jones-Quartey tweeting the article out.

We’re not entirely sure on how to feel about this, really. As canon hawks, though, we rather doubt that it will be considered to have “actually happened” as far as the show’s continuity is concerned.

Rose Quartz by Deeum



Ah, Rose Quartz. As crucial as she is to the series, she remains largely in the background. Well artist Deeum has taken a good look at her and decided to give her some fanart. Make sure to check the full-size version on Tumblr.