Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 140: StevenBomb 6 (part two)

GC13, Isabelle, and David have the podcast’s second discussion of the sixth Steven Bomb.

How melodramatic did you think the bomb was? Even if you think it was, you can’t deny that Jamie can bring the real drama just as well as he can bring the melodrama.

Characters (and giant fusions) not being animated, the Crystal Heart, and Aquamarine’s voice actress all come up.

And why hasn’t anyone said Doug’s name yet? He’s in the credits, he’s had an episode named after him, but so far he’s just “Dad” or “Mr. Maheswaran”.


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    • ShadicUnleashed on May 23, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    Just want to say, Welcome to the family Isabelle and David! Really glad you guys are here, and good podcast!
    I’ve been listening to you guys for a while, but haven’t commented yet, just thought I would say something. I’m a huge fan, and come straight to the website when ever a bomb is over to hear your guys reaction to it. I always find something I like here weather it’s the podcast’s, lore, or even air times. (And the clock you guys have for the wanted premiere is helpful as well.) I’m so hyped for the one hour special, and i cant wait to see your guys reaction to it as well.

    Also wanted to point out that in “Are you my Dad?”, when i saw the drawings drawn from the crystal gems, connies reminds me of cirno from the touhou project, all my friends says it doesn’t, but i cant unsee it.

      • David on May 25, 2017 at 5:20 pm

      Glad to hear you liked the episode! That new trailer has me more excited for the special, too.

    • SpectrumTwelve on May 24, 2017 at 9:30 am

    formerly known as SomethingWitty here:
    – Welcome to the family Isabelle and David! Hope to hear you in lots of episodes. Every hiatus and break has always been bearable to go through cuz I still got this podcast to look forward to every week.
    – Lion 4 brings up a thing, the desert place is a place for all of Rose’s old junk…and a diamond ship is there. Not saying pink diamond theory, but…
    – Also does this location have anything to do with the “sand castle” from Buddy’s Book we saw in the distance?
    – Speaking of animation errors, remember in The Zoo where Steven was carrying Greg and in the frame where he hit the tree branch there was a cutoff of where Stevens image was cropped out from under Greg.
    – Nora Universe would be a great episode title for an alt. universe episode. Like, some return of the hourglass of time and all the Stevens acting as her acolytes or something.
    – Also, the pink ship is clearly fingers, not legs. Blue and yellow diamond’s ships are VERY big, have you seen that image drawn of the big hands under the sand? Very cool.
    – I have a bad feeling that something is gonna happen to one of the Topazes. And truly I think Blue is gonna spare Steven. Possibly even GIVING him access to her palanquin.
    – How could you not mention the golden moment where Pearl was blasted into upper orbit by Aquamarine? Pearl was blasting of again, GC.
    – Doug Out was good, especially the spinning chamber of zero physics.

      • David on May 25, 2017 at 5:24 pm

      I’ve felt the same about the Lunar Sea Spire, always giving me a way to feel connected to Steven Universe during breaks between episodes. I’m glad to be on board!

      I’ve been in the thought that the sand castle was a reference to the Desert Glass corrupted gem making structures in the desert, but as to why Rose was hanging out in the same desert, and building a secret junkpile atop Pink Diamond’s hand ship…

      Something else I thought recently was that we’ve seen the old spaceships from when the Gems first invaded Earth, and I wonder if they would have had hand ships back then, but you never know.

      Best animation error yet is still Marty appearing in young Greg’s hair during Story for Steven.

    • SpectrumTwelve on May 24, 2017 at 9:38 am

    You assume that Steven and Lars are making it off of homeworld during this event…!

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