Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 9: The Return and Jailbreak

PodcastTitleStevenBombGC13, Dakota, Ken, and Hunter discuss the big season-one finale of Steven Universe: The Return and Jailbreak. It happened, and it was huge.

There’s so much to talk about in this episode that it’s hard to list. Jasper as a villain, the relative strength of Peridot’s ship compared to other homeworld ships, the Planet of the Pearls, the imprisonment of Malachite, how much everyone loves Stronger Than You, and so much more.

There’s also a fanart backlog building up: Viking Pearl, Batman Dewey, and now a version of Sapphire crossed over with Alice from Alice: Madness Returns.

Aivi and Surasshu post: Stronger Than You

We think we speak for a lot of people when we say we are so glad that this song got posted so quickly (thank you so much Aivi and Surasshu!). Estelle just killed it on her vocals, Surasshu nailed the instrumentation, and it was used to such wonderful effect in Jail Break. It’s a winner, for sure. Enjoy Stronger Than You (2:55) in high quality on a loop, like we are!

Immediate reaction to The Return and Jail Break

It was a long wait, but the season finale finally came.

The Return gave us a brief confirmation of a lot of what we had suspected about Gemkind: Steven basically figured out what we had figured out a long time ago about why the Gems came to Earth. We also learned that even if the official records don’t show what happened to Earth, at least some Gems on the homeworld remember.

Jail Break also directly confirmed that some Gems are stronger than others, again something we were able to infer from looking at the implied strength of Rose Quartz. That jam was also worth every bit of anticipation.

So we have the season-two premier coming up tomorrow, then we’ll have to sit down and do the hard work of parsing all of this. We can already guess at least some of what’s going to happen in season two, though Full Disclosure should hopefully tell us a bit more. Implications… Awe-inspiring.

Ratings for Political Power

It looks like as the week goes on more people are learning about Steven Universe’s new time slot: Political Power got up to 1,415,000 viewers.

Now we have to see what the season finale can go in the premier block.

Get ready fanbase, this is going to be intense

This one’s another big spoiler for two-part season finale airing tonight with The Return and Jail Break, so if you’re not into spoilers then you should turn back now. Still, Cartoon Network was kind enough to post some serious hype fuel to Instagram for us, so how could we not mention it?

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 8: Political Power

PodcastTitleStevenBombDakota, GC13, Ken, and Hunter discuss Political Power, the latest episode dropped as part of #StevenBomb.The Steven Universe community is falling dangerously behind in fan art: we still haven’t received any viking Pearl fan art, and now we need fan art of Mayor Dewey as Batman.

With The Return and Jail Break just a day away it’s hard to think of anything else, but we all take time to appreciate what a dedicated mayor Dewey is (as if it wasn’t already obvious). And just what is the deal with Onion? Could he have had something to do with the grisly fate of Ocean Town?

Don’t miss tomorrow’s podcast on the big two-part season finale!

Aivi and Surasshu post: Moonlit Battlefield

Moonlit Battlefield (1:30)  is another track from Rose’s Scabbard that Aivi and Surasshu have put onto their Soundcloud account for us. Give it a listen.

Aivi and Surasshu post: Two songs from The Message

Ah, the Crewniverse does not disappoint: Aivi and Surasshu have posted two of the vocal songs from The Message. Here’s what we have, just in case you feel like rocking out:

Immediate reaction to Political Power

It’s going down tomorrow, hard.

At least we’re not in Ocean Town.

There’s not a whole lot of traditional lore in this episode, just a big buildup of tension for The Return. It’s getting serious; coming after Rose’s Scabbard and The Message, that means a lot.

Ratings for The Message

Tuesday was a bit better than Monday was: The Message managed to get 1,309,000 viewers. It will probably be similar today, but when we get to Thursday things should be just about normal.