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Immediate reaction to Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill

We’re back with a two-parter, and both episodes were packed full of stuff (action and introspection). Not to give too much away, but there’s a recurring topic of interest that came up in both episodes, plus some information about homeworld, and a bit more we learned about the watermelon Stevens and the Cluster.

So yes, …

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What #StevenBomb4 taught us about Gems

There is a lot that we still don’t know about Gems, even after #StevenBomb4. At the front of the mind (ours at least) might very well be the question of where Gemkind came from? We learned a bit more about them though: a bit of confirmation about how same-gem fusions work, and Gemkind’s mission to …

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What #StevenBomb4 taught us about the homeworld

We learned a few interesting things about the Gem homeworld in these past few episodes. One thing, the extremely rigid hierarchy, is something we already guessed at, but we learned some new interesting factoids about them as well!

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Previous plans for the Earth

The Gems definitely have interesting ideas for what the Earth should look like. What do those plans indicate, however? This is the topic from our #StevenBomb4 lore implications we’re taking a look at first.

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What did we learn from #StevenBomb4?

We haven’t had a #StevenBomb yet that didn’t give us some juicy information, but #StevenBomb4 was a particularly juicy set of episodes: we got history, we got Diamonds, and we got still more looks at the Gems themselves. Here’s what we’ll be writing about soon:

The homeworld
It’s been five thousand years and despite …

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Immediate reaction to Log Date 7 15 2

This wasn’t so much a lore episode, but we really needed time to settle down and digest what we’d already learned. That doesn’t mean there’s not something to be excited about, though! Opal!

Plus we’ve learned that Peridot is a shipper.

Immediate reaction to Message Received

Oh. Oh my. Someone bubble this bomb and throw it clear: it won’t stop going off!

We… We need a moment. Another hugely noteworthy episode, with a great look at Gem leadership. It’s the kind of episode we dream about.

Immediate reaction to It Could’ve Been Great

It was great!

The screenshots, the lore, the hard facts, the stuff! They didn’t have to, but they gave us a very good explanation of the homeworld’s initial plans for Earth.

Thank you, Crewniverse: we know just what to do with this.

Immediate reaction to Steven’s Birthday

The Answer was the episode for answers, and Steven’s Birthday was…

Well, it actually does answer some questions about Steven and his powers. Obviously there are still plenty of questions too, but we came to expect that long ago.

Immediate reaction to The Answer

Oh boy, the lore, the lore, the lore! The episode title may have only referred to a very specific answer, but we got a lot of answers out of this one—so many answers! The Answer may very well get its own post after the bomb for just how much it told us.

There’s also a very …

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