What did we learn from #StevenBomb4?

We haven’t had a #StevenBomb yet that didn’t give us some juicy information, but #StevenBomb4 was a particularly juicy set of episodes: we got history, we got Diamonds, and we got still more looks at the Gems themselves. Here’s what we’ll be writing about soon:

The homeworld
It’s been five thousand years and despite huge advanced in other technology they’re still using the same communication method. There is also more evidence for just how stratified their social hierarchy is, and a fluid distinction between a Gem as an individual and a grouping of those with the same gem.

The Gems
Beyond how they organize as a society¬†we’ve learned a bit more about the Gems themselves. We’ve finally seen (and heard described) a confirmed fusion of multiple Gems of the same type, we know their purpose, and another ability they have specifically to help them serve that purpose.

The Earth
The initial plan for the Earth colony was quite impressive. The Gems were going to spare no effort to efficiently make use of everything they could to make Earth suit their needs.


    • Scott on January 17, 2016 at 10:09 am

    I hadn’t thought of it this way before, but the Gems are kind of like the Borg. A race of space conquering aliens who go around colonizing planets without regard to the native life forms to add to their greater collective. Within similar gem types they don’t think of themselves as individuals, but rather as a collective.

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