Immediate reaction to Steven’s Birthday

The Answer was the episode for answers, andĀ Steven’s Birthday was…

Well, it actually does answer some questions about Steven and his powers. Obviously there are still plenty of questions too, but we came to expect that long ago.


    • Christian on January 5, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    I’m just glorified trash. I was all over the romantic aspects/moments between Connie and Steven. I liked the weird and didn’t really find it outta place, and dreaded the thought of Steven just staying a boy forever until Connie eventually grew old and passed away. Damn, I’m getting too dark here. Anyways, it was a sweet episode that gave Steven a chance to mature in his own “steven-y way”. Also, I loved Connie’s reaction at the end worrying about Steven turning into a zygote.

    • Jon P on January 6, 2016 at 1:27 am

    Well, we locked down some ages. Besides the obvious, we learned Greg was 22 when he met the gems. Depending on how long the Ballad of Greg and Rose was, he’s somewhere in his 40s (or conversely, if we feel like he is X years old, then he and Rose were together for X-36 years).
    Confirmation of the speculation that shapeshifting uses up a lot of energy and isn’t sustainable, which is a solid in-universe explanation for questions like “Why doesn’t Amethyst just make herself bigger like she’s supposed to be?”
    If Connie’s sticking around for “the whole weekend”, then she’ll be right in the middle of the chaos we all expect is coming. Everyone wanting to see the tag team duo fight together some more may get their wish.

    I’m more likely to love an episode that has me laughing, so I enjoyed this episode a good bit, especially during the baby Steven portions.

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