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New short: Fusion

This one’s really short, but if you wanted a quick refresher on the idea of fusion, then you’re covered. More importantly, if you need another dose of chibi Gems, then you’ll definitely enjoy Fusion. 🙂

What we learned from Too Far

Too Far was a good episode to leave us hanging with. It really finished what Back to the Barn started as far as lore is concerned, but still left us with plenty more to learn.

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Immediate reaction to Too Far

Two episodes in a row that tell us a lot about the homeworld’s views. Too Far didn’t spend as much time discussing them as Back to the Barn did, or at least didn’t address them so brutally, but we certainly have plenty to mull over. Plus… Listen. Can you hear it? It… It sounds like a train continuing its …

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What we learned from Back to the Barn

We didn’t get as much plot advancement as we expected from Back to the Barn (though we did get confirmation on one form the Cluster won’t take :-P), but in trade we got even more lore than we had hoped for. Rather than one brief remark, the episode was centered around the issue and its retort. …

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Immediate reaction to Back to the Barn

Well we’re just getting all of our Christmases at once, aren’t we? We thought we’d learn a little bit, but Peridot sure went into detail about her expectations about Pearl. That means we got it all this week: plenty of solid lore to talk about, and some more speculative material too. (Alright, we didn’t get …

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What we learned from When it Rains

The lore train does not stop! When it Rains was everything we wanted: a good lore drop combined with some wonderful bonding between Steven and Peridot. So, who wants to know about the Cluster? We do! So we’re going to take stock of what we learned this week.

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Immediate reaction to When it Rains

Well this episode turned out to be just about everything we could have possibly hoped for. We learned so much, got a lot of character development packed into a very short time without feeling overwhelming, and got some serious promises for what’s going to happen next.

It’s just… Wow. There was an idle prediction made …

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What we learned from Catch and Release

Oh boy, the lore marches on, doesn’t it? Sadie’s Song may have been a break from thinking about lore stuff, but Catch and Release makes up for it. There’s so much to speculate about, but let’s find out what we learned, shall we?

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Immediate reaction to Catch and Release

All of our yes.

Just be warned, this episode lived up to the hype surrounding it. It confirmed some previous theories, moved the plot forward big time, and people aren’t going to be able to contain themselves from spoiling it. Just watch the episode as soon as you’re able.

As for what lore we got …

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Immediate reaction to Sadie’s Song

Well, it finally happened.

No, not a fusion. Once you’ve seen the episode, you’ll definitely know which “it” finally happened.

Also, bonus points for Sadie finally getting an episode where she doesn’t have to share the stage with Lars (though, unfortunately, she’s now sharing the stage with her mother).

We were denied what would certainly …

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