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Immediate reaction to Reunited

Well, that all happened.


Alright, we have an answer to another long-asked question, though it will probably be a Lore Implications rather than an Answer since we can’t be 100% sure. Then there are some more interesting things we learned, and…

Well, like we said: whoa.

Immediate reaction to Now We’re Only Falling Apart

Oh my, that was quite the tasty lore episode, wasn’t it?

A lot of blanks are filled in, and even some unspoken facts about recent revelations have been spoken. We learned a lot about the Famethyst with the designations of just a couple of Amethysts, and there is definitely more we’ll be considering.

It’s only …

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Immediate reaction to A Single Pale Rose

Let’s just say that this episode changes everything. Or nothing. It’s all a matter of perspective.

It’s definitely another one of those “if you haven’t watched it then watch it as soon as possible” episodes. Seriously, the risks of being spoiled are massive.

In fact, we’ve already said too much. Forget it all.

Yes, there are villains in Steven Universe

It is very often claimed that Ms. Sugar has said there are no villains in Steven Universe, and the discussion quickly turns to the morality of the characters. Is anyone irredeemable? Could certain characters have reasonable motivations for their harmful actions?

A source is never cited for the initial claim, however—people simply assume that Ms. …

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Immediate reaction to Stranded

Oh boy, we just want to say this: Jungle Moon has officially brought the thunder with regard to getting speculation going again.

If you haven’t watched it, see to it that you do.

Immediate reaction to Wanted

You’ll have to forgive us if this was a bit slow, we just… We just need a moment. That was intense.

Really Zircon did all a lot of the fun theorizing for us. There’s still a lot to chew on though! I mean, it’s Homeworld. What could be bigger than even a glimpse of Homeworld? …

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Immediate reaction to Room for Ruby

We learned a valuable lesson, one even with some lore attached: never underestimate the story power of character episodes. 😉

So yes, even though this was a story episode, it looks like we learned a very important lesson about balloons: sometimes, you just have to pop one.

Immediate reaction to Tiger Philanthropist

No, there’s no lore in this one (unless we’re going to start a site for Beach City Underground Wrestling, in which case a huge story arc just finished). This one was all about the wrestling.

We love you, Tiger Millionaire.

Immediate reaction to Rocknaldo

Ronaldo is back, so we don’t even mind that this is a character episode! (Well, some people are… Less enthused than others.) Rocknaldo won’t be offering much room for lore or speculation, but Steven is Steven and Ronaldo is Ronaldo.

Most importantly, however: Tiger Philanthropist awaits.

Immediate reaction to Storm in the Room

Ah, the dreaded character episode strikes again. (Then again, Out of This World had some serious lore bombs in it that we’re still planning on getting back to.)

Still, as far as character episodes go, what a thing to be coming to grips with.