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Funko mystery minis on the way for Steven Universe

Funko is rolling out more Steven Universe products. These Mystery Minis will come in a box with one random figure inside, and have an MSRP of $8.50.

Funko Pocket Pop! keychains on the way

According to Funko, we can look forward to Pocket Pop! keychains of Steven and Garnet in May. Pocket Pop! products have an MSRP of $9, and can be found wherever you normally buy Funko products.

Vinyl Pops arrive in the Cartoon Network shop

They’re here! The Vinyl Pops from Funko announced earlier are now available for pre-order on the Cartoon Network shop page. Each figure is about 3.75″ tall and costs $15; they’ll ship on December 14 and will also be available at Hot Topic.

New Steven Universe mini-series from Boom Studios due in February

With the main Steven Universe comic series apparently cancelled after eight monthly issues and a special issue, it’s great to see that there will be more added to the Steven Universe comics than just the graphic novel we’re still looking forward to. According to the story with Entertainment Weekly the mini-series will run for four issues, …

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More Steven Universe merchandise on the way

If you were worried about the paucity of merchandise available for Steven Universe, then worry no more! According to Animation Magazine, Cartoon Network has made deals with several manufacturers that will be bringing out new Steven Universe stuff for a while.

Some will be coming out quite early, in time for the holidays this year. Funko …

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The Guide to the Crystal Gems officially released today

We’ve been waiting for this one: the Guide to the Crystal Gems has finally come, and there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that the book looks gorgeous, and there are some nifty factoids about the Crystal Gems in it. The bad news is that it is basically stuff we already knew …

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Cover art for Steven Universe graphic novel revealed

Yesterday the LA Times revealed the cover and the premise for the upcoming Steven Universe graphic novel, Steven Universe: Too Cool For School.

Mr. Jones-Quartey, after leaving the show, has left us with more than episodes that bear his touch: he was also responsible for the story of Too Cool For School. If you’ve wondered why …

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The upcoming Guide to the Crystal Gems

We’re sure you’re all eagerly awaiting the end of the hiatus. While we don’t have any news about that (though we’re still figuring it will probably be similar to last summer’s hiatus which ended in August), we do have some interesting information about the upcoming Guide to the Crystal Gems thanks to an interview Ms. …

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Attack the Light available today

With all of the excitement about the crossover we almost forgot: the Steven Universe RPG, Attack the Light, finally released today! It’s $3 on iTunes and the Android marketplace.

Attack the Light is an RPG in the style of Paper Mario made for mobile devices, and the Steven Universe team was involved in building the game’s story …

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A look inside Gem Glow: the first Steven Universe DVD

Not a bad title menu. It’s a very nice shot of the temple exterior, and they manage to get a gem from everyone in there.

The Setup screen has one option: the ability to enable or disable subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Likewise, there is only one special feature: the pilot episode.

The episode …

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