New Steven Universe mini-series from Boom Studios due in February

With the main Steven Universe comic series apparently cancelled after eight monthly issues and a special issue, it’s great to see that there will be more added to the Steven Universe comics than just the graphic novel we’re still looking forward to. According to the story with Entertainment Weekly the mini-series will run for four issues, and one of the writers describes it as “horror for kids”.

Check your local comic store for the first issue in February 2016.


    • sad sack on November 6, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    hmm. by reading the story on it, it sounds like this mini- series is just going to be a monster of the week episode but in comic form. not entirely gripping, in my opinion.

  1. I don’t own a comic, but is the whole series apart of the show? A list of the corrupted gems from the show & comic are together…seems legit.

  2. It sounds cool.

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