What we learned from House Guest

Well obviously nothing’s going to compete with Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem for a while when it comes to dropping hints about the lore of Steven Universe. However, House Guest did offer up a little bit of wisdom about the show.

Look out for revelations about Steven’s powers

Something interfered with Steven’s powers in this episode, and it wasn’t simple proximity to Greg. The Crystal Gems fully expected him to be able to repair the geode, but after a father-son bonding montage Steven couldn’t fix it. Perhaps he has to actually care about the subject to heal them, or perhaps it’s something more involved, but we should learn that Steven’s powers have a few wrinkles later on in the series.

The synthetic storm and the war

The episode features a massive lightning storm that is apparently self-perpetuating (otherwise it wouldn’t need to be contained for eternity). This monstrosity was unleashed on the Earth presumably long in the past, probably during the war. Unfortunately Pearl didn’t get to explain much about the storm, but it would have the potential to either deny access to a large area (it seems to be compressed in its geode) if stationary or wreak havoc on the entire planet if mobile.

Also, we refuse to believe that the geode could be repaired by even high-quality duct tape; everyone knows only the name brands can fix magical artifacts.

Pearl is actually fairly in touch with humanity

Ever since Arcade Mania we’ve known that Pearl is at least familiar with how to drive a car. Ocean Gem showed her (and among the Crystal Gems only her) actually driving Greg’s van, and now just one episode later she fully repairs the van. Pearl didn’t appear to know how cars worked at the beginning of the episode, but by the end of the episode had learned not just what went where but also what everything was called and procured the necessary replacement parts.