Finally: Steven Floats

stevenfloatsSteven really said it for us: hello Beach City, it’s great to be back!

If there was one surprising revelation in this episode, it would probably be that the Crystal Gems weren’t heading back to the Temple daily when work was done. Come on: the nearest warp pad isn’t even that far away!

Of course if there were two, it would be that Steven’s a very accurate thrower (hitting someone with a flip-flop at any distance can’t be easy).

The third surprising revelation is probably the necessity of someone other than Sadie or Lars working at the Big Donut (the donuts were already made when Sadie showed up, and you know Lars didn’t get up early to make them).

What an episode though. “Dude, summarize!”, Garnet breaking into Kofi’s car, casually dropping a boat, plus talk of jet packs and complicated feelings! Steven Floats heralded a return to episodes focused on Beach City rather than the imminent destruction of the Earth, but centered around the magical twist we always manage to get in those kinds of episodes.

(Oh and yes, there’s no way you can make sense of how far up Steven jumped—the answer is and will always be “as high as he needs to be up for each shot to work”, and that varies quite a bit shot to shot.)


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