Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 144: Beta

GC13, David, and Hunter talk about Beta (and the rest of the show too).

Beta can be considered two episodes: one lighthearted morp show in the barn, and one tour of the beta kindergarten (even getting dark at the end). This makes Beta the first episode where we’re cheated out of a big chunk of time hanging out with Peridot and Lapis.

Was Jasper’s post-Malachite arc something you enjoyed? Will the way the Crystal Gems treated Lapis back when she was in the mirror ever actually be dealt with? What should be next after the series ends?

We don’t have answers for you: those are yours to provide.


  1. you should do a Neo-Kosmos podcast. It’s a webcomic by Amber Cragg(Formerly Amber Rogers) and Shelby Cragg.

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