Ratings for Secret Team

Secret Team managed quite a feat: Zap2It says the show got 2,462,000 viewers last night, making it the highest-rated episode of the series so far.

Preview for Island Adventure

We have a second preview for Island Adventure (our first being the sneak peak). Maybe Island Adventure should run out and tell all of its friends that it’s the preview master.


Aivi and Surasshu post Weatherbomb

Aivi and Surasshu have posted Weatherbomb (1:11) from House Guest. It’s from the climax of the episode, as Steven and Greg try to fix the geode before it fails and lets the synthetic storm loose.



Immediate reaction to Secret Team

Alas, we didn’t get to see any new areas of the temple. A wasted opportunity, perhaps: the temple is enormous, and could feasibly contain just about anything the writers could dream up. Maybe some day we’ll get to see more of it.

This was more of a character episode than a lore episode, so we didn’t learn very much.

As far as music is concerned, however, we’re definitely looking forward to when Secret Team‘s songs are posted.

What to expect from Secret Team

Secret Team airs tomorrow. The preview shows Steven and Amethyst as they are about to cause Pearl to drop a bubble containing gem shards; Amethyst has said Garnet will be mad at Pearl having the bubble, and identifies it as one of Rose Quartz’s (which you can see is distinctively pink, just as Amethyst’s are purple and Pearl’s are white).

This appears to be an episode that will show us a bit more about the temple the Crystal Gems inhabit. Pearl is in her room with the bubble, so when she drops the gem shards they will probably be washed away into the waterfall; a search through the areas the waterfall leads to will probably ensue, and that just wouldn’t be fun if it simply led to Amethyst’s room. They’ll most likely plan for Steven to be the one to re-bubble it, so it will look like Rose’s bubble. We’ll probably also get a little bit more exposition about Rose or the backstory since Pearl will certainly be asked what she was doing with that bubble.

However, a fun thing to watch out for: Garnet will probably find out about their secret team in the end. And if Mr. Burnett wasn’t just being silly… We might see her bury Pearl and Amethyst at the end of the episode, until they learn their lesson. 🙂

New episode: Island Adventure will air on October 23, 2014

Next week we’ll get to see another Steven Universe episode, Island Adventure, at the usual time: 6:45 PM EST.

Because of all the hubbub with Comic Com, we’ve actually gotten an episode preview for it early, so be sure to check that out if you missed it. Other than that, here’s the summary as always:

Island Adventure:
Steven takes Lars and Sadie on a vacation to a magical beach to mend their friendship.

Sneak peak: Island Adventure

Usually we have to wait longer for episode previews, but this week was special because of Comic Con. Here’s a clip from next week’s episode, Island Adventure:


Song of the week: Drop the Strawberry

Space Race was great fun, and in honor of Pearl’s intense concentration on making the Universe Mach 3, this week’s featured song is Drop the Strawberry. It’s the perfect tune to work by, whether you’re trying to get your breakfast or your spaceship just right.



Steven Universe air times for October 13-19, 2014

All times are EST.

8:45 AM: An Indirect Kiss
10:15 AM: Mirror Gem
11:00 AM: Ocean Gem
2:00 PM: House Guest
3:45 PM: Space Race
6:45 PM: Steven and the Stevens

2:00 PM: Laser Light Cannon
2:15 PM: Lion 2: The Movie
2:30 PM: Onion Trade
2:45 PM: Steven and the Stevens
3:00 PM: Steven’s Lion
3:15 PM: Space Race
6:45 PM: House Guest

6:45 PM: Joking Victim

6:45 PM: Secret Team

6:45 PM: Steven and the Stevens

6:45 PM: Secret Team

Space Race and the future of Steven Universe

Space Race told us a lot with very small signs, and when we went over the lore implications of the episode we did our best not to speculate too much—just the things that were almost assured. However, anyone who was paying attention could see that we were introduced to a very important concept that’s almost certain to come up again in the big season finale.

Today we’ll try to tease out what exactly this means not just for the finale, but for the lore of the show as well.

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