Steven Universe air times for January 2-8, 2017

All times are EST.

Monday: Adventures at Funland
1:00 PM: Bubble Buddies
1:15 PM: Serious Steven
1:30 PM: Arcade Mania
1:45 PM: Watermelon Steven

Tuesday: And the Cool Kids
1:00 PM: Lars and the Cool Kids
1:15 PM: Joy Ride
1:30 PM: The New Lars
1:45 PM: Beach City Drift

Wednesday: Greg’s Greatest Hits
1:00 PM: Laser Light Cannon
1:15 PM: Story For Steven
1:30 PM: The Message
1:45 PM: We Need to Talk

Thursday: Keep Beach City Weird!
1:00 PM: Cat Fingers
1:15 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!
1:30 PM: Horror Club
1:45 PM: Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

Friday: Monster Buddies
1:00 PM: Gem Glow
1:15 PM: Monster Buddies
1:30 PM: Ocean Gem
1:45 PM: Monster Reunion

Saturday: Amethyst is Awesome
1:00 PM: Tiger Millionaire
1:15 PM: An Indirect Kiss
1:30 PM: Secret Team
1:45 PM: On the Run
2:00 PM: Maximum Capacity
2:15 PM: Reformed
2:30 PM: Onion Friend
2:45 PM: Too Far