Looking back at Restaurant Wars

Alright, it’s time for another real talk: Kofi is great. Fryman is great. But they were both completely out of their minds in this episode. Let’s ignore Kofi trying to brand Steven (as in burn a VIP membership into his skin) and just look at how eager they were for war: Kofi has been sitting with a sign right by the door, and Fryman didn’t even pretend like he wanted to negotiate. Perhaps they both just needed to spill a bit of the tomato-based sauce of their preference…

This was the episode that surely made countless fans hunger for fried mozzarella sticks (which turn out to be as delicious as they sound, by the way). It also get bonus points for Kofi referencing an old Bagel Bites commercial.

Still, seeing Ronaldo’s heart broken like that was tough.

As sad as Ronaldo’s tale is in Restaurant Wars, however, at least it has a happy ending, .