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The extended theme from SDCC, in high quality

Well it’s been a long wait, but the high-quality extended theme is finally circulating online. Enjoy!


Many new episode titles on

You may have been hearing some excited chatter around the Steven Universe fandom: Cartoon Network has listed a whole bunch of episode titles on their site. While Mr. Burnett may regard it as a leak, we think that if Cartoon Network hasn’t taken them down after a couple of days then it should be fair …

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Whenever you’re worried about Steven Universe’s future, read this

It’s safe to say that we’re all fans of Steven Universe here. When you love a show though, it’s quite common to worry about that show being cancelled before its time; Cartoon Network’s history of cancelling some very good shows quite early in their life doesn’t help anxious fans feel any better.

However, it’s also …

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Season three of Steven Universe officially announced

Ah, so they finally decided to come out and say it: Hollywood Reporter says that Steven Universe, along with several other shows) will be getting an additional season. That brings us up to three seasons, presumably 156 episodes, of the show we love. That’s great news!

With us barely into season two, only starting to …

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#StevenBomb2.0 to feature new opening for show

Can you feel it? #StevenBomb2.0 is almost upon us. As if five new episodes in a week wasn’t big enough, the introductory text to this interview says that we’re going to be getting a brand new intro to the show! (Yes, it also says this is the second half of the season, but that’s a lot …

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Ian Jones-Quartey leaving the show

Bad news you guys: Ian Jones-Quartey, the show’s supervising director and co-executive producer, is leaving the show. He broke the news in this tweet.

It’s never a good sign when someone so instrumental to the show leaves (too much rocking the boat, changing a good thing), but he indicated that there are plenty of episodes …

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Steven Universe on hiatus, to return some time this summer

The Crewniverse has finally spoken out about the hiatus. Nobody knows exactly when the hiatus will end; last summer’s hiatus lasted from early May to late August, but we can always hope that this year’s hiatus will be shorter. With an estimated time of “later this summer” for the return of the show, we can …

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Steven Universe coming to Hulu Plus

Well, Hulu has some good news for us: all season-one episodes of Steven Universe (in addition to other Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows) will be available to stream on Hulu Plus. This all starts on May 1, so if you’ve been looking to get some mileage out of your subscription to Hulu Plus then this should …

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Three season one episodes shifted to season two

Oh, this is messy. So now we have two seasons, one of 49 episodes and one of 55. Except some episodes from that second season were actually produced with the first season, so we have to make the distinction between production seasons and airing seasons, and…

Yeah, its makes our heads hurt too, but Matt …

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Steven Universe to have crossover with Uncle Grandpa

Color us very surprised that this is actually real, but it’s Ian Jones-Quartey tweeting the article out.

We’re not entirely sure on how to feel about this, really. As canon hawks, though, we rather doubt that it will be considered to have “actually happened” as far as the show’s continuity is concerned.